201H. Smith
We need answers on the health effects of this secondhand wood smoke that too many of us are breathing in even when we don't smoke cigarettes. What is this doing to Kitchener's children?
202J. Smith
It's time for a ban. Now sounds good.
203Jusica V.
204Ruth Doelle
Please,please no more smoke from outdoor fires.
205Amanda Martin
Backyard campfires never belonged in backyards. Most other cities have already banned them. There must have been good reasons like health.
206Robert A.
N2M 1X1 Definitely ban from backyards but allow community events with a huge setback like Cambridge with a permit system.
207This signature has been deleted.
208Y. Becker
Heritage Park How can we even be sure what is being burned in these backyard fires? Campfires need to go back to campgrounds.
209todd white
Campfires in backyards are very polluting, and people are sick of breathing in smoky air.
210D. Jane Harper
Wood fires are very polluting and don't belong in backyards.
211Steve Hoffman
I like the permit system that Cambridge has. No campfires in city backyards but the permit system for community events.
212Linda Baker Beaudin, Founder Air Is Precious
The Air Is Precious Coalition, Cornwall, Ontario, supports a total BAN on all outdoor open air burning in urban residential areas in our Nation.

Our community leaders must ban/end/prohibit the use of all wood burning devices and appliances that pollute our air, harm our environment, have a negative impact on our society and destroy our quality of life.

Woodsmoke is declared a Nuisance by the courts of law!! Become informed today.

Wood burning is associated with Cancer, Asthma, COPD, Cardiovascular, Cardiopulmonary, Stroke, Mini-Stroke, SIDS, respiratory and other woodsmoke-related illnesses.

We cannot separate the air from one side of the street to the other or from yard to yard.
We cannot move our home out of harms way, thus we must take into account the fact that air permeated with Woodsmoke is air that affects the well being of every person, even the healthy are being harmed.

Woodsmoke attacks the body 40 Times longer than Tobacco Smoke!! The time is NOW for immediate pro-active action to end/ban all Recreational Wood burning in our Nation.

Contact : Air Is Precious Founder, Linda Baker Beaudin

No person should be made to plea for a breath of fresh air. Contact your Fire Department, City Council Members, Mayor, Hospitals, Health Units, Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Parliament. Demand your right to clean Woodsmoke-free air!!!

Air Is Precious “A Coalition that cares about every Canadian and the air we breathe”

Become informed: See:
213Air Is Precious Coalition Linda Baker Beaudin
BAN all Wood burning in urban areas!!!

214Ranya Kaurim
Doon This should be a no brainer. Why were campfires ever allowed in Kitchener backyards. there's a good reason just about every other city has already banned them.
215K. Brubacher
N2A 4H4 I favour a ban except for community events in open areas away from all houses. I guess Cambridge has this system. Most people do not smoke cigarettes and do not like to breathe in smoke
216Kate Wilson
217This signature has been deleted.
218Jess Smith
2013 should be Kitchener's turn to ban firepits. Why should we risk our health? People who want campfires can go camping like people used to do.
219D. Clarke
N2A 1R9 Time for Kitchener to ban and turn back into a city not a campground.
220Richard M.
Victoria Park Totally against polluting campfires in backyards wrecking the health of smokers and non-smokers alike.
221J.. Amorim
This smoke is not good for anyone. No wonder kids don't play outside.
222Pat Ramprati
N2N 1Z9 Campfires never belonged in Kitchener backyards. They need to go camping. Smoke is full of dangerous chemicals.
223devon white
224T. Marie Hill
We need lots more signatures on this petition. These fires need to stop smoking up our backyards. Please tell all of your neighbours and friends to sign.
225Victoria V.
My neighbours have fires a few times a week. The smoke makes me feel sick.
226Vladimir S.
227Raihan M.
Beechwood Forest Kitchener citizens should not have to breathe smoky air. It's not healthy for anyone.
229Melody Shantz
Please ask all of your friends and relatives to sign. We need to get this smoke out of our neighbourhoods.
230L. Steve Morrison
Cleaner air for Kitchener is good for everyone. Waterloo and Cambridge don't allow campfires in city backyards so Kitchener should severely restrict them.
231Vincenza M.
232dave b.
N2M 1X2 we should ban.
233Karen R.
Beechwood Forest Why would Kitchener and Waterloo not decide to ban at the same time? Waterloo got it right.
234Amailia Sidaran
N2C 2L8 These fires need to be banned. They are too close to houses and they were always too polluting. Good idea to get rid of them.
235troy park
N2E 2G9 I could live with a permit system like Cambridge. Allow wood fires far away from houses.
236candice hunt
N2C 2L4 The smoke really bothers me. I'm a student here for the year. They don't allow fires in Toronto backyards.
237Maria M.
N2M5E6 This city has enough bad air with cars and other pollution. We don't need all these fires.
N2B 3J5 Kitchener needs to protect us from smoky air.
239G. Miller
240N. Wang
Fairway Road
241B. Snider
Victoria Hills The air stinks like smoke and why are people wssting good wood? Some people are burning garbage wood. Please ban.
242bryan w.
Stanley Park I favour a ban. Waterloo and Cambridge residents don't have to put up with this smoky air so why should we?
243A. Hussain
N2A 2K5
244Amara H.
N2A 2k5
245Pam Hutchings
N2M 4H6 Smoke from backyard fires blows around. These fires should be banned.
246Rod Andrews
n2g1n5 No one in my family smokes so why should be have to breathe in campfire smoke all? Fires go camping.
247M. Bryan
Highland Rd. So many people have asthma and allergies these days. Everyone, please sign!
248Andy Jantzen
n2m 1j5 Why were these fires not banned in August? People in Waterloo and Cambridge do not have to put up with this bad air.
249britanny smith
n2c1w6 cleaner air is good for everyone
250mandy park
N2R 1X6
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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