551John Young
Public health trumps backyard bonfires. These fires are backyard pollution and Kitchener has environmental policies.
552Nichole Weber
Public health and preventing air pollution should not need a petition. Campfires in city backyards were always a very bad idea in yards thta small. We are sick of the smoke.
553brittany edwin
554Hazel Green
Why should Kitchener residents have to deal with this smoke for most of the year when Waterloo and Cambridge councils have shown the good sense to ban backyard fires? We don't care if the fire chief and council like to sit around their bonfires.
555Will Shantz
Why would Waterloo and Kitchener not choose to ban these backyard fires at the same time since there is a shared border?
556whitney hanson
N2E 2V8 the air stinks a lot of the time and if it's these fires the air might smell better when they are banned.
557Grant Wilson
N2N 2T5 It's time for Kitchener to start acting like a city and stop being a smoky campground. Start sending your medical receipts and hydro bills to Kitchener council.
558mellisa leger
I don't think it's fair too keep making pollution like this and expect the younger generation to come up with some answers.
559Rowena Mills
N2H 1E3 Kitchener residents are just asking for what our neighbours already have. Smoke from wood fires in backyards is an unacceptable form of pollution.
560tyler park
561taylor young
562G. Dunne
N2E 3W5 Why the big delay in Kitchener? Lousy air quality is nothing new in this area and we have to add to the problems with backyard campfires? There is a clean air act.
563Miranda Lewis
N2P 2A5 The air is very smoky at times, and this can't be good for anyone.
564Dan Rushton

565Maggie Nicholls
N2E 2S4
566N. Brenneman
N2A 4B3 I would like to see these campfires banned from city backyards. Never did belong there. There are good reasons why other cities have already taken action.
567britt edwin
n2n3a1 i forgot the postal code.
568Richard M.
Some transparency and accountability is in order for Kitchener residents from our council and Public Health.

569Laurene Hill
I would vote for something like the Cambridge permit arrangement.
570W. Koch
Why? Meetings not televised? 5 m when Waterloo had 10 m? Why no way to ticket lawbreakers after all these years? Why crappy air is fine for us?
571jake middleton
572A. Dunn
N2M 1Y7
573H. Sousa
Go camping.
574Jennifer Lee
N2G1S3 It's ridiculous to allow backyard campfires in a city medical and pharmacy school campuses. Go camping like people used to do.
575Deb N.
N2G 1S3 Go camping if you want to sit by a smoky fire and drink beer. Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
576Maureen Reed
Campfires need to go camping. All smoke is a health hazard. Why do firement wear masks if smoke is fine to breathe in.
577Larry Peters
578jonathon ward
579S. Wagner
N2E 1S9 Do real estate agents have to warn people buying houses in Kitchener about the smoky air in many neighbourhoods during campfire hours?
580Doreen Shantz
I like Cambridge's permit system. Campfires should not be allowed in city backyards. Community events could be help in wide, open spaces where the smoke won't be harmful to residents health.
581travis l.
582D. Sharma
Campfires do not belong in backyards. Smoke is a health hazard.
583Neela S.
N2P 1N3 We don't smoke cigarettes. These campfires are very polluting.
584Reena S.
585Doug Hammer
Shame on mayor Zehr and councilor Singh
586Diane Hammer
587Vanessa Castro
588leanne goudreau
These campfires in backyards are very polluting. Why don't we know better than this?
589Tom Hanley
N2N 2T5 Campfires never belonged in backyards.
590chelsey jordan
591E. Gingerich
592C. Douglas
The air in neighbourhoods is smoky and unacceptable too much of the time. Why should Kitchener citizens have to get sick from this smoke?
593Ross B.
N2N 3P9 With medical and pharmacy schools on Victoria St., you would think that a doctor would have said something about the smoky air.
594Russell Smyth
N2P 1N3 Waterloo and Cambridge got it right. Why is the health of people not a priority?
595Elisabeth Frank
N2E2W7 This smoke is a health hazard. Campfires never belonged in city backyards.
596K. Frank
A permit system like Cambridge would get these fires out of backyards but allow fires for community events in open areas. People used to go camping, and those who need to sit around fires should start to do so again.
597justin connell
598Navi A.
N2E 3P3
599Randy Swartz
Kitchener has an environmental policy. How does these campfires work towards that policy?
600R. Gomez
Smoke of any kind is bad for health. How many people have to get sick from these campfires before something gets done about it.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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