851katy mcwilliams
852Ben McWilliams
I would vote for the permit system that Cambridge has in place. Smoky fires don't belong in Kitchener backyards. Health is the price we pay.
853Ramon Alves
The smoke from backyard fires is a health hazard to neighbours. Kitchener needs to ban.
854Rita Smith
I don't care if Mayor Zehr and council members enjoy sitting around their backyard campfires. The smoke from these fires if a public health hazard. Many people had fires during smog alerts and fire bans. Ban these fires as Waterloo and Cambridge have.
855madeline shipley
856tyler shipley
857Liz Shipley
Kitchener is a growing city not a backwoods campground.
858Rob Shipley
Waterloo and Cambridge have already banned these smoky fires. The smoke is a public health hazard.
859Marie Sullivan
Wood smoke is pollution. Everyone should know by now that pollution is detrimental to human health.
860Mark Green
Country Hills
861Ryan Stewart
862Natalie Bryant
Most other Ontario cities have banned backyard fires.
863Melinda Gardiner
Kitchener is right in the middle of 2 other cities that have already banned these smoky fires. Public health is at risk in Kitchener.
864Gary Brewer
These smoky fires are ridiculous in a city this size. Public health is being affected.
865Linda Brewer
Ban backyard bonfires. Maybe the rest of us can finally start enjoying the summer in 2013.
866Joe Markic
867Maria Markic
868R. Gulin
Kitchener needs to ban these fires. Smoky air is going to make everyone sick.
869Ruz Gulin
870jeremy dixon
871kim lee
I was surprised to find out that Kitchener allows backyard campfires. The smoky air is not good for anyone.
872Sandra Stanley
Smoke from these wood fires affects neighbours in the immediate vicinity and beyond. Public health is at risk.
873scott rosello
874Brenda Chandler
A system like the one Cambridge has would allow wood campfires in open areas where smoke wouldn't end up in neighbouring houses and yards.
875Priya Kulsath
876Jim Mills
877Alan Lalonde
878Dianne Lalonde
879Vicki Bouchard
880kerry finley
881M. Patel
Wood smoke is a public health hazard. Backyard fires should be restricted to campgrounds and rural areas.
882Cheryl Reynolds
883Stuart Wells
884Chris Smith
Smoky air in neighbourhoods is a health hazard. We already have enough air pollution without this campfire nonsense.
885Heber Davis
It is interesting that the same people that would have us conserve energy pass laws that force many of us inside behind closed doors and windows with the AC running. I would much rather breath the cooler evening air. Do the right thing and ban the fires.
886Charmaine Fields
887Bryan Hamilton
Heritage Park Smoky campfires don't belong in Kitchener backyards. A strict permit system like the one Cambridge has would be a compromise.
888cory edwards
Kitchener needs to do way more as far as the environment is concerned. Pollution affects human health.
889Pal Ali
890Dennis Hall
891Bonnie Fischer
Waterloo and Cambridge have banned these smoky campfires. What is Kitchener council waiting for - for people to get sick?
892allison edwards
pioneer park
893Eka Mueller
Stanley Park
894Jason Andrews
N2M 5M3 Air is smoky and poor too much of the time.
895Laurie King
Kitchener council has a job to do in protecting our environment. Smoky campfires need to be banned.
896Evan Best
897Sonia Peters
We should not need a petition to remind Kitchener council that they are responsible for the environment and public health.
898Olivia Ellis
N2E 3V6 The air smells smoky and polluted too much of the time. These backyard bonfires are a terrible thing to be teaching our kids. Shame on Kitchener council for not banning this health hazard.
899max campbell
900Gail Jordan
Why would Kitchener not have banned these campfires at the same time as Waterloo?
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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