2201Will Johnson
N2C 1V2 Why were there no public meetings for citizens? Waterloo and Cambridge do not allow these fires in backyards. Kitchener residents should not have to breathe in all this smoke.
2202erinne morrison
please send this to your frineds to get rid of smoky air!
2203Viveca Gray
N2A 4A4 Smoky air is more and more of a problem in this city. Other cities banned these backyard fires for good reasons and Kitchener needs to do the same.
2204miranda mercer
please keep it going!!
2205Ral A.
N2N 1S1
2206Larry Gray
2207Kraig Martin
The firepit bylaw never worked as is indicated by hundreds of complaints a year. Kitchener residents should not have to have their health wrecked by these campfires. Time for Kitchener to get these nuisances out of backyards.
2208Tasha Martin
2209M Joensen
N2B 1J9. These backyard fires are both a health & a safety issue, not to mention trampling on the rights of others to enjoy backyards and open windows. I have expressed by sentiments to my City Councillor and, in future, will not be voting for anyone who supports these fires.
2210A. Charles
If these campfire people are the drinkers that got kicked out of the bars when the anti-smoking regulations came into effect, we don't want them smoking, drinking and cussing around these backyard fires either. Go camping.
2211Lila Roberts
N2N 1Y4
2212Lou Roberts
Where were the public meetings to discuss these fires? Where is this Public Health announcement on smoke? It's not a good thing that Kitchener is one of the last cities to ban these fires.
2213Valdimir S.
Most people do not smoke cigarettes or need to sit around campfires. The people who need to pollute the whole city by having these fires in backyards should be the ones to leave and go camping.
2214Cristal Thomas
These smoky fires in backyards are a horrible example to show children who aready have our big environmental mess to clean up and what is the smoke doing to the health of Kitchener residents.
2215Reg Thomas
These wood fires never belonged in Kitchener backyards. The setback was never adequate. Kitchener needs to ban these campfires just like most other cities already have banned.
2216tracy fletcher
Kitchener air is full of smoke. Clean up your act!
2217Seth W.
2218Edeltraud Braun
N2C 1G1 Why should everyone have to go inside and close their windows so that their homes don't stink like smoke all the time. Stop the pollution before it makes us all sick.
2219Rosetta Soener
2220Walter Garesch
2221Fritz Soener
N2C 1G1
2222Mindy Tyler
2223Riva Gauli
2224Nancy Portier
Waterloo and Cambridge do not allow smoky backyard fires. Kitchener council needs to ban these fires.
2225Ron Masterson
Air quality is really dismal in this city.
2226victoria revello
please send this petition to your friends!
2227Ryan Coleson
2228natalya smith
the air quality is brutal in this city.
2229Deanna Morrison
N2P 1Z9
2230Betty Palmaro
2231Luis Palmaro
This city needs to ban these smoky campfires and start acting like a city not a campground.
2232Pauline Hollis
N2A 2R8
2233Jean Louis
Why should people have to close their apartment windows when it's nice summer weather outside. Waterloo and Cambridge don't allow these backyard fires and Kitchener needs to ban them.
2234Curt Lawrence
2235Amy Millson
2236Alysson Lee
These backyard fires contribute to air pollution and Kitchener residents deserve a ban.
2237Ivy Peters
I like the compromise of the permit system that Cambridges
2238natalie nelson
2239Milton Lang
The amount of drinking and carrying on around these fires disrupts sleep time of neighbours. The smoke is a health hazard.
2240Tony V.
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
2241Vera Lang
2242tiffani steele
gross smoky air winter and summer.
2243Monika Evans
I am concerned by how often the air smells like smoke when I open my windows. Environment and public health should be priorities since they go hand in hand.
2244Carol Davies
N2M 3B7
2245H. Will Davies
I strongly favour a ban of these campfires.
2246Nella Flores
N2M 1G7 The air is terrible with smoke. I have to close all my windows and my apartment does not have air coditoning.
2247Merv Randall
2248jenelle lewis
2249Hank Morgan
N2P 1Z9
2250whitney klein
keep it going!
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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