1201Pete Galanos
N2C 2L4
1202Agnes Galanos
1203Kaya Jerou
This smoky air in neighbourhoods is a public health hazard and Kitchener residents should be protected from this form of air pollution.
1204S. Jerou
1205Maria Lasko
Why should I have to close the windows just to keep out smoke from these campfires?
1206Mark Pappas
1207Ayasha Abdul
Please send this petition to your friends and family. Let's ban these smoky campfires.
1208justin hollinger
Wood is really filthy burning. These campfires should be banned before more people get sick.
1209Isabelle Ross
N2G 1W5
1210Alex Ross
1211Ursula Witte
People shouldn't have to close their windows in the summer due to smoky air. Kitchener council needs to do their job and ban these campfires. Most other cities have already done so.
1212Rosemaire Reicker
So many kids have asthma that it's ridiculous to allow wood campfires in this city.
1213Paul Thomas
Pioneer Park
1214Nick Gebracht
1215E. Witte
N2E 3J8
1216Jean Fredericks
Wood smoke is a health hazard. How many people have to get asthma and cancer before these smoky backyard campfires get banned? They should have never been allowed in the first place.
1217Ed Henry
N2C 2L4 All smoke is a health hazard. Public health needs to be protected by banning.
1218kerri alexander
1219Kylie Armstrong
The air smells disgusting and smoky too much of the time. Something needs to be done.
1220J. Ferdinand
N2G 1E9
1221Dianne Allen
Cancer is a huge concern for former workers at rubber plants. We should also be concerned about wood smoke. It's even worse than cigarette smoke.
1222Loretta Wilson
I just found out about this petition. Please keep spreading the word. Kitchener needs these campfires banned.
1223Rosa Ferdinand
1224jason wilson
Who is going to clean up the mess? The younger generation?
1225cassie wilson
1226Rosa Catralano
Air pollution and cancer is always in the news. Smoky air is a big problem in this city. People are going to get sick.
1227Penny Francis
N2E 2G9
1228Bill Francis
Wood campfires never belonged in city backyards. Wood smoke is a health hazard.
1229bryce connelly
1230Penny Roberts
Let's keep this petition going. Kitchener isn't a campground.
1231Zofia Wilhelm
N2C 2L4 Why should we all have to keep our windows closed in the summer? I turn on the air conditioner when it's not really that hot except that I had to close my windows to keep the stinky air out.
1232Sarina Rosen
1233vikki shaw
1234zak swanson
1235jeremy de luca
1236Alisha Lee
1237This signature has been deleted.
1238Lynda Browne
These wood fires never belonged in backyards. Smoky air is not healthy for anyone.
1239Will Browne
We should not need a petition for public health and environmental matters.
1240Sylvia Scherk
Fairview Park
1241May Wilson
Waterloo and Cambridge do not allow smoky campfires in residential backyards. These fires should not be allowed in our backyards either.
1242Bob Wilson
1243Lidia Moscaro
1244R. Duncan
Waterloo and Cambridge got it right.
1245This signature has been deleted.
1246Emma Howard
1247This signature has been deleted.
1248Dayle Walters
Please keep this petition going.
1249Dayle Walters
Please keep this petition going.
1250P. Mason
N2N 2R4
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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