2001Clarissa Collins
Why should we have to close our windows to try to keep out the smoky, terrible air? Air pollution is getting worse in this city and these campfires should be banned.
2002riley davids
smoky air is polluted air
2003mia lorenzo
ban this air pollution
2004Toni Rivero
N2M 5G1
2005Kurt Mayer
2006Petrina Williams
Smoky air is a concern for all of us trying to live healthy lifestyles.
2007Elena Rakovic
Most people in this city don't smoke cigarettes yet we breathe in smoky air in our neighbourhoods.
2008shain andrews
2009V. Rakovic
2010Lloyd Heller
Victoria Park
2011Maria Kalietti
N2G 1Y3
2012Raquel Ewen
Pioneer Park Thanks for sending this to me! I say BAN these smoky fires from backyards. The smoky air is a real concern.
2013merissa horton
let's get rid of the crappy air:)
2014Jonna White
Kitchener has an environmental policy? I guess we should close our windows and be quiet.
2015Kamla Ross
The air is disgusting with smoke too much of the time. Kitchener does not seem like a healthy place to live.
2016U. Weber
N2E1B4 The taxes keep going higher and the air keeps getting smokier. Why did we not read in the paper when Waterloo banned these fires?
2017Sanna Aguila
N2H 4J3 The air in this city is often polluted with smoke from these fires. This is a public health hazard.
2018Kasim G.
N2C 2L4
2019Juliette Dennison
2020Sig Martin
Is Kitchener expecting to get more doctors and hospitals or where are you going to put all of the sick people?
2021Chelene Woods
N2M 5G9
2022vanna paul
please, please, please stop this smoky air
2023Elenore Wilton
I am going to tell my friends in our building about this petition. Smoky air is a big problem in this city.
2024Al Franklin
Country Hills I was surprised to hear that Waterloo banned these campfires. Why did we not read about it in the newspapers. Kitchener residents should not have to breathe smoky air.
2025Aneta Marcos
why should I have to close my windows all year long? Too many kids in this city have asthma and our air is really bad.
2026Delores Martin
N2C 2J4
2027tj murray
2028Ava Snider
We shouldn't have to close our windows to try to keep out the smoky, polluted air in this city. This city needs to ban these fires.
2029paulette granvil
keep it going ;)
2030Terece Moore
N2M 5H4 Wood smoke is a health hazard just like cigarette smoke. These fires were always a hazard to our helath.
2031T. Martin
Why would Kitchener not ban these smoky fires at the same time as Waterloo?
2032jas matthews
polluting health hazards
2033Neela Paull
These campfires cause pollution right by houses. Kitchener needs to ban these health hazards.
2034rina jensen
;) please keep it going by sending this to your friends
2035Tyla Adams
N2H 6M4 This city needs to safeguard air quality as well as water quality.
2036A. Shantz
Waterloo and Cambridge banned smoky fires from city backyards and it's time for Kitchener to do the same.
2037A. Shantz
N2C 2L4 I Here is my postal code.
2038Armin&Gabi Mikolajewski
I am very allergic to wood smoke and cigarette smoke. Causing me to use Epipen injections.
WE wish that the community would understand the importance of banning any kind of woodburning in Kitchener, to support people like me and help them to stay healthy.
2039Susan Dunning
I have asthma and neighbours who burn wood outdoors on a small residential lot. Keeping my windows closed and staying indoors does not prevent the woodsmoke from aggravating my condition.
2040Josette Barnes
I have had my house full of smoke because of a neighbour's fire. I am afraid that his right of having a fire infringes on our rights to be able to breathe in the neighbourhood. I must vote strongly against it.
2041Gabriel Cioara
Very good initiative
2042Maria Cioara
Very good initiative
2043Mira Hughes
N2G 2R7 When I go outside my door or open my windows this city does not smell like a healthy place to live. Most people do not smoke cigarettes yet our air is full of smoke pollution.
2044Brian Ruby
This open burning is an infringement on our right to breathe"clean" air.
2045Wayne Smith
The right to breathe clean air should be the only concern for council to consider.
2046Marlia Worsfold
It is not only the backyard pits that smell. People with wood burning fire places need to be educated on what type of wood to burn. Many times the fumes burn my eyes and nose.
2047Marlia Worsfold
It is not only the backyard pits that smell. People with wood burning fire places need to be educated on what type of wood to burn. Many times the fumes burn my eyes and nose.
2048Ralph Barnes
E-Testing our cars is mandatory to help with air pollution. Wood burning fires in a suburb environment pleases a few at the expense to many. Its time to stop these fires and keep our neighborhoods environmentally liveable. Thanks.
2049Crystal Smith
I am only in this city during my school semesters. The smoky air gives me headaches, swollen eyes and sinus trouble. I can't wait to go home for the summer.
2050Kyla Sutton
Pioneer Park These campfires are much too close to property lines and homes. No one should be exposed to this campfire smoke unwillingly. Go camping if you want to wreck your own health.
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Petition Details
Petition: Kitchener Backyard Campfire Ban - Firepits
Created By: Ingrid Sienerth
Created On: September 22nd, 2012
Target: 2600 citizens who care about health, public safety and our environment
Category: Health

Total signatures: 2460
Signature goal: 2600

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