1Hazel Sheard
Well done, we want a firepit
2Wayne Thompson
In favour of firepits with no permits
3This signature has been deleted.
4Jennifer Williams
No permits! Just another cash grab....
5Craig Wranich
Keep the firepits. If you use good wood, there is no issues with too much smoke.
6Michel Winterburn
In favour of firepits and this amendment does not adequately handle the problem.
7Scott French
Typical cash grab disguised as a "health" measure. Ban whiners!
8Brad Buckborough
I will keep using my fire pit regardless, these types of by-laws are a waste of tax payers money
9Sheila Lucas
That is ridiculous! Every time a whiner complains they have to change laws, move the few whiners to the country where they belong! Total cash grab!
10Rachael Balsillie
11Susan Strickler
12Andrew VanderVeen
No one will follow this by-law. It will just be used to issue and collect on more municipal tickets.
13Cathy Moorlah
Cash grab!
14Len Ringwald
Cash grab!! Another case of the squeeky wheel gets the oil.
15Theresa Brito
Cash Grab
16Jacob Zavitz
17Mike Richter
Enough meddling
18This signature has been deleted.
19Glen Hopkins
Crazy. Thats what summer is about. Outdoor fun!
20Daniele Hohol
I came to Canada because I was promised the freedom to roast marshmellows by fire!
21Thom Ryan
This bylaw is unenforceable, uncool and not engineered to safety.
22Jacquie Shantz
Crazy, yes yet antoher cash crab...
We won't give up our saturday nights around the fire with family and friends
23nova hutt
24Wanda Eby
In favour of firepits. I think this could have been dealt with differently. There are going to be a lot of angry neighbours in the area I live in, especially those who just invested a lot of money.
25Candace Brito
26Keith Lynass
in favour of fire pit
27Pauline MacLeod
I thought this was a democracy, majority should rule. 80 complaints, ridiculour. And making it another tax is just another tax grab.
28Devin Young
The government would make us pay for air if they could!
29Gillian Blackie
I think the fire pits are perfect for family get togethers as long as you keep the fire under control. It is nice if you can't afford to go camping and some kind of gathering in your own backyard.
30Shannon Broekhoven
Agreed: Cash grab. There are already regulations in place, this is just another unnecessary one.
31This signature has been deleted.
32Shannon Davidson
Cash grab indeed!
33Jen Dol
In favour of fire pits in Kitchener. These restrictions are too much!
34Jane Kains
35This signature has been deleted.
36This signature has been deleted.
37This signature has been deleted.
38This signature has been deleted.
39Mehdi Oad
Cash grab. Please don't destroy a summer tradition for the younger folks.
40Dave Kains
Quick reaction to council from a few people complaining. Squeaky-wheel phenomenon again. Not like they changed the by-law because of it being too dangerous.
41Andrew Mark
UNFAIR!! not only the fact that I have to pay to have a fire in my own backyard but $60 only buys me 6 fires all year.
42Bill Thomas
Another cash grab.
43Paul Tee
Pathetic overreaction to a few squeaky wheels, the overwhelming majority of residents won't stand for this!
44Lisa M.
ridiculous.. 1 person complained in 1250. do they know how many fires are lit in an area that houses 1250 people?!
45Dan Nedelko
What a ridiculous bylaw. Cash grab, the level of stupidity in this region is becoming more and more astounding every single day. Now is a covered and enclosed fire place with burning logs (low smoke) allowed?
46janet wagner
this is totally un fair over one person complain cause of health issues well all the could have done is close their window yo have to injest enough some to effect anyone i have kids allergic to smoke but LOVE to sit around the fire totally unfair
47Krystal Wilson
didnt know wanting to sit around a fire in you own backyard with your family and friends was too much to ask for.
48Andrew VanSpronsen
Stop coddling people!! This is a great, outdoor, family activity. great way for neighbours and neighbourhoods to come together.
49This signature has been deleted.
50Chris Colwell
We should not have to succumb to this law due to individual complaints. the Percentage of complaints does not reflect the opinions of the masses.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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