101Robin Collop
Its just not necessary to ban open fires.
102Charity Gilmore
Might as well ban bbq smoke, gas fumes. etc. if this is all about public health and safety. All this is is another cash grab for the city. Bring back the firepits...totally ridiculous bylaw.

85 Stirling Avenue North, Kitchener
103Jim Walker
N2C 1X9 What a bloody joke. What's next a paid permit for BBQ's or indoor wood burning fireplaces? Email your councillors people, I did several times. This is nothing more than a money grab. They should be ashamed of themselves.Leave us alone.Leave it the
104John Fabac
Its a money grab and unfair to the citizens of Kitchener
105This signature has been deleted.
106Linda Haufe
N2A 2R5
Seriously?!? There is just so many things wrong with this ban... but most importantly is that city council passed this bylaw because of 59 people... supposedly representing th 200,000+ population!
107Marjorie Walker
N2C 1X9 I am tired of being bylawed to death. Why are all the people that want fires being penalized because there are a handful of complainers
108Christie Bielaskie
Is this just Kitchener or Waterloo too? I'm for the old bylaw either way love our family back yard fires! N2j 1x3
109Justin Filip
I am careful to abide by the "old" bylaws surrounding back yard fire pits and I have never received a single complaint. Also, how does charging $10 per fire help people with health problems due to wood smoke?

N2H 5V2
110Roxanne Clark
Totally rediculous!! I'm not paying for a permit every time I want to fire up my pit! And only allowed 6 per year?! Come on!!!
N2N 1G8 - there should be no change to the existing bylaw.
112Monica Groff
113Roxanne Clark
N2A 2R7 - 14 Berwick Pl - I don't agree with this cash grab at all!
114Pat Lackenbauer
Please go back to old bylaws!
115Al Ridley
Stop the cash grab. Let's promote good sense and neighbourly discussions.
116Chantal mcKay
N2M 4B8 - Ridiculous, I'm sick of the city and government finding more and more stupid ways to suck money out of us.
117Darryl Verbiski
Please let us keep this. We keep it safe. And the kids love it.
118Kenneth Popp
complete cash grab come on, and to all those who want a ban, you should try a back yard pit a great way to hang out with friends and family. unless you have no friends and to be honest if you are the ones sending the ban to city council the answer is clear
N2H5N5. Please stay out of my yard, city council. You too, racoons.
120bill attwood
I once seen the fire department called in to put out a hibachi grill here in kitchener. I think it had to be the biggest waste of resources I have ever seen.20 firepersons and 3 trucks and one very tiny controlled fire that was being closely monitored.
121Mary-Ann Ungar
N2M 2A3
123Catherine Wallace
N2H1P6- Samuel St
old bylaws please
Such a lovely simple pleasure
124David B
Nice to see that 82 people can ruin it for everyone one. MY backyard to enjoy the way that I wish. I am not hurting anyone!!!!! This is nothing but a waste of my tax dollars. Spend the money and do something worth while
126This signature has been deleted.
N2M 3B5
128Sandra Duff
129Rachel Daly
125 Edmund rd Kitchener ON N2H1J7
130Deanna Norris
another way to make money.. people shouldn't have to pay to enjoy family time in their own backyards
131Randy Masyk
132Jason Brown
Changing laws just for a handfull of people is wrong!! Change it back!!
133Denise Wardle
N2B 3S9
134Lisa Humphreys
N2B 3V2
Please go back to the old bylaws.
135Shana Popp
N2A 2R3 - Pepperwood
136Tracey Hennick
N2E 3W4 go back to the old by law please
137Donald Farkas
I was going to buy a fire pit. This is silly.
138Keith Hotchkiss
144 Brybeck Cr, Kitchener.
139Jeremy Whitefoot
n2a 2g8
140V Bergman
109 Wood St N2G 2H9 so less than 1% of the population emails and that gets passed??? make note of the councillors that pushed this through "representing their constituents" and ensure you DO NOT vote for them again if they are not representing you!
N2M 3B5
142Mark and Nancy McKay
This is ridiculous. When our neighbours have a fire we close our windows or join them. If we have a fire they do the same. We always ask our neighbours to join. We are adults. This is a lovely way to get to see our neighbours and enjoy their company!
143Jamie Daly
A fire is a sacred communal institution. Do we not have bigger fish to fry?
125 Edmund Road.
144Cheryl Whitney
N2A 1T1
145jackie heintzman
N2H 4N6
146This signature has been deleted.
147joshua freiburger
What give you the right to take this away from us? Put it back to the way it was.
148Shannon McKay
81 Belmont Avenue East Kitchener, Ontario N2M 4B8
149Wanda Eby
In favour of firepits. I think this could have been dealt with differently. There are going to be a lot of N2N2B2
150Mike Murray
I just spent good money on a proper pit, cooking grate, and in one foul swoop they take away my right to enjoy my outdoor living space. This is totally unjust for a small number of complaints to result in such a hasty and drastic decision is wrong!!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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