2151Tiffany Balork
461 Maple Ave
Kitchener, ON
2152Mike Ambedian
Why should every situation be painted with the same brush? An outright ban on open fires within the City of Kitchener would be a simplistic response to appease the loud few. It is about time that the loud few stop affecting what many Kitchener residents view as a simple life pleasure, and a summer past time.
2153Mike Ambedian
I forgot - N2G 2S5

Thanks for doing this!

2154Karen Bowman
N2K 1P2
2155Randy Bowman
2156Daryl Cressman
n2m 3n3. keep the rules as they were. Be courteous to others.
2157Nadene Riehl
N2B 3K9
2158Tyler costello
2159Luke Glowik
N2N 2S9
I like my fires! Buy a fire extinguisher if your an idiot
2160Stacey Kavanagh
2161Anna mazurek
2162kyle von knobloch
N2H 4E5
2163nicki prendergast
N2N 3P7
2164Tracey Groves
Go back to old rules why do they have to ruin everything for everyone.
2165Joe Adam
I don't have a backyard firepit but I fully support the right of every property owner to have one.
2166Zack Mcintyre
Having a controlled fire should be a right as a canadian.
2167Ryan decker
2168Samantha Mansfield
2169Samantha Mansfield
19 Activa Ave, Kitchener ON
2170Erika Lefebvre
N2N 1H1
2171Randy Lefebvre
N2N 1H1
2172Carly Blasutti
2173Carly Blasutti
N2H 5L1
2174andre mesojedec
2175branko mesojedec
2176jodie mesojedec
92 kenwood dr
2177andre mesojedec
92 kenwood dr
2178branko mesojedec
86 corfield dr
2179Melissa Springall
B1r 8a6
2181Jennifer Krauskopf
This was one of the many pleasures my family and I were looking forward to when we bought our 1st house this year. Its a shame that a few complaints are spoiling it for everyone else.
2182Tomas Toros
2183JoAnn Herald
Nothing wrong with having a controlled fire in a backyard firepit. Instead of banning everything just create safety laws and enforce them.
2184JoAnn Herald
2185Doug Brown
I agree! Our firepit met old regulations, now they want to change it because of a few complainers and we are just out. Ill bet those few complainers are making noise about every little thing! 15 Perth Rd.N2M3G6
2186Jamie Holland
18-96 River Rd. E Kitchener, Ont. N2B 2G2
2187Judy Reeves
2188Donna Detweiler
Petersburg - Not exactly the city of Kitchener but, close enough - just being responsible makes all the difference - bring them back
2189Keith Detweiler
2190Chris Hoelscher
N2E 1L9
2191Jeff Slipiec
2192Michael Reiter
Just another Cash grab for you fat cats to fill your pockets with. Enough is Enough
2193Michael Reiter

Another Knee Jerk Reaction for the Fat Cats to line their pockets with our hard earned money.
2194Sheila Gallaher
N2G 2X9
2195Jason Brisson
N2G 2X9
Call your alderman and complain about this proposed change or send an us and do more to save our firepits.
2197This signature has been deleted.
2198Tina LaRocque
N2H 4W1
Having fires was one of the biggest reasons we bought a house in Kitchener.
2199Mike Brisson
N2B 1Y8
2200Darlene firlotte
enough is enough...stop wasting our tax money because next you will want to collect money if we barbecue or sit in a chair in our own yard....stop paying severences adding to years worth of pay to people who get let go for not doing their jobs....stop it!
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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