1101stan chapman
15 Cherrytree Ct Kitchener. N2N 1L9. Please stop trying to fix something that is not broken.
1102Lorraine Hume
N2E 2H9
1103Lisa Guylee
This is absolutely unfair.Definately disagree with the amendment.
1104This signature has been deleted.
1105This signature has been deleted.
1106Judy Ginsler
186 Union Blvd.
Kitchener ON
N2M 2S4

Restricting the fires to evening hours is fine; charging per time and limiting to 6 per year isn't!
1107Christiane Lafave n2e 1a5
1108Ernie Ginsler
186 Union Blvd., Kitchener ON N2M 2S4
1109Sara Hernandez
n2e 1a9
1110Kelly Charbonneau
This is absolutely ridiculous. Permits are a waste of time. Enough meddling!
1111Kelly Charbonneau
304 Ottawa St. S., Kitchener
1112Alan Morrissey
responsible ENCLOSED fires have no place on anyones agenda for the curtailment &/or taking away of our enjoyment of our properties & the summer & fall evenings/nights
1113Nancy MacLean
this is a rediculous and repressive proposal, those who are interested in this change don't have a life so they have to mess with other's lives people who abide by the current rules should not be punished.
1114Elizabeth Rayner
1115Alan Morrissey
Please add my postal code to my previous comment. N2E-2T4 p.s. Someone thought 7-11 was fine. Myself I see nothing wrong with a quiet peaceful gathering lasting longer into the night.
1116Jamie Russell
Let grown adults work together with neighbors to be respectful of all parties. Fires bring more family and neighbors together, than pull them apart! N2E4G1
1117connie brown
what is the difference between smoke from a small backyard fire and a charcoal bbq? this is all about neighbours respecting neighbours and that should be dealt with as adults...not by the minority of complaints
1118Brendan Reekie
Absolutely agree.
N2A 3V2
1119jennifer frepane
1120Pauline Dunford
I enjoy my few fires in the summer and I object strongly to having to be charged to do so.

27 eribrook drive
1121Bryan Van Dam
24 Rosedale Ave Kitchener, ON
1122Brandon McLean
Absolutely ridiculous to enforce, and considering how incredibly low the number of damage-causing fires are that began as backyard fires, this is a miscalculated overstep from the more desirable night watchman's state.
1123Dawna Boxwell
27 Gay Cres.
Kitchener, ON
N2A 2C2
1124Kristy Arthur
423 Westwood Drive Kitchener Ontario N2M5B5
1125Marielle Julian
34 Perin Place
Kitchener Ontario
1126Eric Jones
1127Josh Hagen
N2M 5B9
1128This signature has been deleted.
1129Carly Preiss
1130Theo Negoita
619 Forest Hill Drive, Kitchener N2N 1A1
1131Bill & Carol McGregor
N2E 3L4
1132Don N
1133Monica N
N2H 2V2
1134This signature has been deleted.
1135Erin LeBlanc
1136This signature has been deleted.
1137Mario Madau
Sorry; didn't put in my Postal Code; Please delete last.
I wish the city council would treat majority of us who are responsible with our backyard fire pits with respect. We shouldn't get lumped in with those that are not responsible; N2G2Y2
1138Mike Macneil
122 northmanor cr
Kitchener ont
1139Wanda Kampijan
A complete outdoor fire ban is not a compromise and neither is restricting or charging for the number of fires a household can have. This current solution is a good compromise, please don't change it.
1140Wanda Kampijan
N2E 2K3
-please add my postal code to my signature
1141Chris pudel
1142Brad Robertson
1143Shelly Bowman
1144Lindsey Ferguson
They change the by-law of a story that had nothing to do with outdoor fire pits.
1145Lindsey Ferguson
forgot my postal code N2H5Z3
1146todd graff
there are better ways to approach this. and to use the media as they did and talk about the incident that involves an inconsiderate individual using a "woodstove in a shop" that this law doesnt even apply to is just wrong. political tricksters! our $$
1148Brandon Erhardt
1149Chris Marcell
N2H 3V6 Kitchener
N2h 2g1. As long as we meet the measurement requirements and stay safe, this is all we should have to do
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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