2001Jason Ecsedi
2003Lisa Lintzeris
2004Laurie Griffith
It's all about common sense when having a fire. Those that use it know to take into consideration the elements of weather such as the wind. One complaint does not justify years of tradition N2E 1B9
2005Dave Boehm
N2E1R8 To cut back the hours makes sense but not the rest of it Leave the rest of it alone and enforce the bylaw
2006Natalia Petrova

Why doesn't the city try to enforce the current bylaw instead of revising it!!! The current one would work if the city wouldn't be so lazy and would have officers issue tickets For complaints!!
2007Robert Murovec Murovec
I am about fed up with every level of government and their creative schemes to literally steal money from the tax payer. From Hydro Debt retirement charges, that have long been cleared yet charges remain to storm water management fees and now this. WTF?
Need a Canada wide tax revolt and revolution so our elected leaders understand they need to do what they promised when elected.
2009michele boegli
Please take another look at this issue. Make the people who are havings issues be more accountable to come to a viable solution with their neighbours instead of punishing all residents! It is not a fair solution.
2010michele boegli
sorry forgot pc N2N 1R3
2011Cam Gloade
288 Biehn Dr., Kit. N2R1C6
2012This signature has been deleted.
2013Randy DeLong
I have already signed but did not add my address -- 143 daimler dr .N2A 4c6
N2C2A8 just thought I'd mention to my alderman that voted in this kneejerk reaction that he will no be recieving my vote next election
2015Rob Morton
no permits
2017This signature has been deleted.
2018Margarita Agadzanjane
2019Patricia Leyes
23 McLeod Crt. Kitchener N2R 1A9
Fine the offenders of the previous rules. Stop the money grabs.
2020Gary Farkas
N2h4e2 As a citizen I respect the bylaw. Those that do not should be fined . Please reinstate the previous bylaw . Remove the recent bylaw. No permit. It's my backyard, it's my money.
2021Bruce Harmer
N2P 1E5
2022Ruben Agadzanjans
2023Heather Groothuis
N2E 3T8
I say charge $25 for each permit and increase the retention pay for our police services and fire fighters, then let's keep em busy!
2025Dan Holmes
Edmund Rd N2H1J8.
2026Ryan Boehm
N2M 3E1
2027Rosemarie Murphy
This is absolutely absurd, they should just fine people not following the previous by-law. I cook food on my fire pit because I don't like the taste of propane and charcol. Now only 6 times a year at $60 cost is insane. I won't vote 4 these people again
2029Tammy Doering
22 Marlis Cres.
Kitchener, Ontario

Why should everyone have to pay for the minority? If burning trash in your backyard is creating a 'health' hazard then fine those people, not the rest of us who are cautious and well meaning with our family time.
2030Brian Schmalz
N2H 2E8
2031Michael DeLenardo
Once again only worried about a few complainers and not the majority who have had fires without complaints or problems.
2032Brad Schubert
No ban please.
2033This signature has been deleted.
2034Sheila Badry N2P 1K6
Responsible adults obeying the regular backyard fire bylaws should NOT be banned from having safe small fires in our back yards. City of Kitchener is jumping to grease one very squeaky wheel. Use logic. Use democracy.
N2B 1K6
2036Len Fitzmaurice
318 Pioneer dr.
Kitchener, Ontario

i well agree we shouldn't have a ban , with all the expressway building messups,, roundabouts at schools,, we need some new members in OUR council to represent us in matters,, 4 million on a monorail???
2037Theresa Holden
N2E 1K3
Fires should be allowed and permits are just another cash grab.
2038Kathryn Schubert
2039This signature has been deleted.
2040aaron lynett
48locust st
not impressed. vast minority makes policy for the rest of us. puh-lease
2041This signature has been deleted.
2042sandra wood
dont let a few stick in the muds ruin the free backyard family fun! deal with the ones who are abusing this priveledge not everyone!
2043dianne schneider
n2m 1x4
2044denver carl
lovin the fire.
s0g 2b0 sask. CN
2045Kt Holden
N2E 1K3
Firepits, when not abused are no more a hazard than a bar b that what will be banned next?!?!
2046Semore Vanes
N2E 1K3
This must be stopped now before it goes too far! We all pay our taxes and should be allowed to enjoy our land.
2047Andrea hamel
185 ahrens st west Kitchener
2048Rick Hutfloetz
I am 1985 on the list, but forgot my postal code.

N2N 2R7
2049Liliya Pototskaya
2050Sarah Whaley
92 Talbot St.
Kitchener, ON
N2M 2B1
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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