2251Josh Friesen
52 Hamel Avenue
Kitchener, ON
N2K 1M8
Bought fire pit as it was something we could do rather inexpensively to entertain guests & ourselves (limited income). Neighbours don't seem to care, but we would try to accommodate their concerns if they voiced them.
2253Nicole Rasmussen
214 Park St. Kitchener N2G 1M9
2254This signature has been deleted.
2255Bethny Kurtz
141 Dunsmere Drive, Kitchener
N2G 3T6 This By-law is a joke. We already pay taxes. Further more this is cheap entertainment for me & my family.
2257Germaine & Del S
N2B 2N8
2258Marci S
N2B 2N8
2259Kevin S
N2B 2N8
2260Garnet P
N2G 3T6
2261randy morin
Some our greatest memorys with my family have been while we sat around a fire .to take this away from our family is not ok .
2262Rick Walker

2263Rudi S
N2H 5A2
2264Craig H
Long live the grill! I mean what's better than a bar-b-q? Fire pit steaks baby!
2265Steve Kraus
87 Earl St. Kitchener, ON N2M 2V8
2266Anita Flootman Paterson
N2A 4H6
2267Dubravka B.
I don't even own a fire pit but believe that this is another attempt to take a total control over our lives.
2268Scott Paterson
N2A 4H6
2269Mark McBean
N2h 5n3
2270Andrew Del Net
Would be interested to know exactly how many unique complaints were made in 2011. What happened to democracy?
2271cameron gloade
2272Jim Cumming
Another way to scam money out of its already taxed to shyte residents. Unless this money is going to another sweet fire works display just like Canada day!!
2273Nicole LaChapelle
N2M 4A6
2274David Chalmers
Come on people...whats the big deal. Don't let a few complainers run it for everybody!
2275Edward Fulton
23 Westtchester Pl 2B 3M6
During the summer our family would swim followed by a BBQ (firepit) and a movie outside. We do it every weekend as a family with friends. You just took all that away, thanks to a small minority of people.
2276Arlene Kelly-Williams
Wish the city of waterloo would at least give us the option of paying to have fires.
2278This signature has been deleted.
2279Carolyn Roy
199 Arnold St., Kitchcner
2280Bob Williams
2281 Corry Bath
N2M 3A7 Just because 1 person can't come to an agreement with their neighbour shouldn't mean the rest of us should be deprived. Staycations are a necessity these days & this is cheap entertainment. Which is needed these days.This By-law is a joke. We pay taxes.
Fires are a must, they make the summer
2283cameron hack
Keep fires
2284Nathan Lyons
N2G 2W7
2285Kathy Lyons
N2G 2W7
2286krystal barnes
2287dan fleischmann
2288Carole fleischmann
2289JoE fleischmann
2290Mr Ty Baker
Please keep the home fires going it a way of relaxing after a long week of work
2291Connie Roth
2292Jeff Roth
2293Austin Roth
2294Sky Roth
2295Sage Roth
2296Lori Colquhoun
190 Ross Avenue
Kitchener, On
2297Nathan Fullerton
Please let us have the freedom to keep traditions alive!
I currently do not have a fire pit but 100% agree this totally wrong.
2299Tim Dickson
As long as it done responsibly there shouldn't be an issue
2300Ana Pestritu
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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