1951Laurel Dawson
N2E 4B9
I feel this should continue be a free family activity.
1952Sharonne Stone
18 Eby Street
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 3K7
1953Walter Calnek
89 Ottawa Street South,
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 3S8
1954Karen Davis
Cash Grab, no one will follows these rules
1955Fritz Jean_Louis
this is an additional tax hiden under false pretenses. How much will it cost the city to manage this? 1305 countrystone drive, Kitchener Ontario N2N 3R9.
1956Fabiola Leconte
1305 Countrystone Drive, Kitchener Ontario N2N 3R9
1957Matthew Jones
N2N 3S2
1958Tony Abou-Assaleh
250 Resurrection Drive. N2N 3H4.

I don't have a fire pit. But those who do should be allowed to enjoy it within their bounds.
1959Plinio Morita
Iron Gate 53
1960James Duncan N2P1H5
i think the situation is a joke i have a neighbor who complains every time i have one
1961Sherry Bradley
Address: N2K1R2
1962Barry Duncan N2N2P9
1963tony pinto
just a cash grab!!! How does council pass this without any debate from the public! I already pay too much for taxes,and now they want to control my house too,telling me its ok to have a fire as long as I pay $10,who voted for this guy anyway?
1964This signature has been deleted.
1965pamela rason
1966Rhonda Duncan
N2M 4S2
I look forward to having fires in the summer. Please don't ban them, they help as therapy for anxiety and depression for a lot of people.

1967Kris Williams
1968L. Dodsworth
1969Jeannie O'Shea
1970Wendy Woolcox
OMG...waaaaay too much 'oil on that sqeaky wheel'.
everyone we are surrounded by has small contained, manned, do we! The aroma is amazing with the wood we get to use from our own yards. Who here has complained?? No one. Because we ALL love them
1971Fareena Knopf
Once you take this away then what is stopping taking away trampolines, outdoor mini pools, how about neighbors who smoke and who have smokers. How about the indoor wood stoves. Maybe punish those who are abusing it, what happened to the moral majority (
1972Sandor Vincze
1973Dave Lemon
N2N 1X3
1974Bill Rieck
N2G 4X6
1975Tim Leyes
N2R 1A9
1976Mark Patrick
N2M3N7 This new bylaw will only add to the bonous system the city concil has.If they save or make money for the city they get a bonous.Just another money grab.Another freedom taken away from us.
1977Sunil Vyaa
This should nevee happen .this is gaimst of freedom id a resident can't enjoy freely in his/her own backyard.
Thiis is unaccepteble
Sunil Vyas
1978Mary Tonkovic
I enjoy being able to have a backyard fire every once in a while. I never go camping or to the cottage because of my work scheule and budget, so having a fire is like being at the cottage for me!
1979Bob Smith
I believe we live in a democratic society, so lets make the right decision based on the numbers
1980This signature has been deleted.
1981Jenny Thompson
1982Ivan Katic
1983stacy katic
1984Heather McQuabbie
N2E 1T6
1985Rick Hutfloetz
I wonder, of the 80 complaints, how many are from the same person or household. This is ridiculous. If people aren't being neighbourly, deal with them. Don't punish everyone.
1986Paul Miller
N2R 1l2
1987Steph Miller
1988sandra schied
56 Uxbridge cres. Kitchener, N2E 2P8
1989Fred Schied
N2E 2P8
1990Nancy Sokolowski
n2m 2k6. Leave the responsible alone and find the irresponsible ones
1991L Dodsworth
307 Oprington pl. Kitchener
I like fire
1993Sarah Thompson

Being able to have a fire in our backyard is about spending time at home with the family, relaxation and rejuvenation. Please re-consider amending current by-law.
1994Shawn Lawler
1995jen hall
this is how my family and friends spend time together, this is absolutely ridiculous. if we have to start this cause of one ladys breathing issues, whats next??besides,if its for health, how will ten bucks stop the bad smoke??lol
1996jen hall
n2a1r5, sorry my comment above had no address
1997angela peters
1998Patience Hoey
50 Dalegrove Dr Kitchener N2M2G5
1999Chad Baker
We are always very careful and smart about having a fire, and like to enjoy our backyard we've worked so hard on. This new law is just a money grab.
2000Sharlyne Pekurar
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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