651Morgen Prues
N2A 2T9
652Tim Willcox
60 Park Street
Kitchener, ON
N2G 1M3

"I have one of the best fabricated and most responsible pit in the city!"
653Dave Hanemaayer
N2H 1V6
654Melissa Redmon
655Jennifer Watson
n2m 5e8
656Adrienne Racz-Ellis
Love them!!
657Penny/Steve Dixon
this is just crazy! another cash grab and we love having a fire during the summer and our neighbors don't mind
658Penny/Steve Dixon
crazy we sit out all summer long and it doesn't bother anybody!
n2c 1w6
659Tera Unal
love my pit!
N2C 1W6
660chris weido
N2b 1m6
661Kevin King
Hey City Hall, play with fire, you burn your fingers!
662Colleen Ridley
94 Beechmanor Cres.
663Chris Druar
Summer just isn't summer without the odd backyard fire.
664Colleen Ridley
N2N 3H5
665C A Hall
N2E 2A6
666Angela Sanche
N2E 1R3
667Mitchell Sanche
N2E 1R3
N2E 1Y8
We have a chiminea. We are responsible and should not be penalized because of a few irresponsible city dwellers. Will Bingemans need a burn permit too for their campground.??Don't want to pay for a permit either.!Taxes are high enough.
669Jon Kao
21 Betzner Ave N Kitchener ON
670Jo-Ann McVeigh
We have had no complaints so far and have had our fire pit for 3 years now. If asked by a neighbor yes we would work something out. We love to sit out and have a peaceful fire!!
671Chad prues
672Adam Cooper
I'm an adult, it is my land. I will have a fire if I choose to
673Brian Westwood
19 Herlan Avenue, N2G2C4.
I know of 6 households of 22 on Herlan avenue with fire pits. We have never had a complaint. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends in the summer. Also, what's money got to do with this?
674Ken Mah
Let's find a better way to spend our tax dollars. Fire pits are not a problem, parking in downtown is a bigger problem. So put my tax dollar to the parking problem!
675Jenn Lorette
N2A 2V1
676Alex Katsambrokos
Residing in area code N2M 5M3.

Indeed we are not children! Let's not allow a few to decide for the masses of responsible people.

677Jeff Allen
N2G2X1 Please do not rain on our good times! I'm totaly for resticted hours.
678dean prochnicki
679Nicole Kropf
681Harvey cross
Cash grab... n2g 3g5
682Ben Frey
N0B 1X0

683Brandon Bernhradt
217 Clark Avenue

684Mary Beth Detzler
In extreme situations like the one that seems to have started all this, can't arrangements be made with the offending neighbour(s) and those dealt with rather than restricting/punishing those who burn responsibly? 98 Plymouth Rd.
N2P 2K1
686Daniel emerson
Seems like a ludacris money grab. Either allow them or don't. But to charge for them seems like its taking advantage of a situation. Pretty sure those 83 people who complained aren't asking for $10 smoke to bother them instead of free smoke.
687Courtney Alderton
if you don't like the by law that allows us to have fire pits, move to Cambridge where you're not allowed. Don't ruin in for the people who love backyard, outdoor fires!!
688CoreyAnne Beaton
N2M 1B9
689chris iden
690Mike Mauser
691Gale Robinson
N2G 1S6
692Adam Cormier
N2G 4Z9
693Jackie Klue
694David Wilk
695Jason Reinhardt
If people do not like the fires then move and make way for the ones who do!
$10 for a fire? Have the ones who don't like the fire to spend $10 on a mask then. Why make the people who enjoy it pay?
696Melanie Burrett
N2m2g8. Ingleside
698Patty Medeiros
look forward to one every weekend.having a fire brings the neighbours over for wine and good conversation in front of the fire. N2P 1E4
699Ryan Orr
n2p 1p7
700Scott Kirby
N2M4H3. what happened to democracy where majority rules? i feel like 695 people is closer to a majority than 140 which is what i heard the last number of complaints was.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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