1651Randy Scott
When you choose to live in a city, you choose to live with neighbours. Sometimes we have to tolerate what we don't like with them. Let our fires burn. PS - City of Kitchener this is what you have to worry about? WOW.
1652Wayne Farrow
Resident of Kitchener should have the right to have in their back yatd & council has made this virtualy impossible with the new regulations they have imposed on us. & this is not rite.
1653Karl EUler
I would even settle for the current 7-11 pm bylaw, but a ban or another tax grab is ridiculous! let's remember, 'majority rules' please!
1654karl euler
N2M 3N9
1655Adam Douglas
The city has no right to dictate how we live in our own back yards, the few, ruin it for the many. Shame on you councilors! 26 Gallarno Crt. N2M 2Z5
1656Kate Fewster
105 Burbank Rd
Kitchener ON
1657Joanne Euler
N2M 3N9. Isn't it a shame that the complaints of a few take precedence over the wishes of the many ... again? Very bad call!!
1658Louise Gerber
I pay taxes for my property. I have a family that enjoys spending time together. I get that people have allergies however as individuals we all have rights! Our society is too busy complaining; bullying others into compliance of what a small group wants.
1659Louise Gerber
N2H 3J 5
1660Nicole Morton-Westwood
1661Hasan Thibeh
1662Amanda Schuiling
This new by-law is wrong. This is our own property. We pay enough just in taxes as it is. I agree they should return to the previous bylaws pertaining to backyard fire pits. N2H 4W5
1663Jenny Prince
N2A 1W8. Is everybody silly? We are talking about a contained firepit and they are being sold by most stores. Clarification required as to what you consider open fires. Maybe it would be better to regulate when people shoot off fireworks without controls!
N2N 3C6
1665Wendy Williston
N2M 1Z8
1666J. Taschner
N2N 3N3
1667mary balan
A few complaints should not ruin homeowners' right to enjoy a well-controlled fire pit. I have allergies too, but I dont believe that gives me the right to control other peoples' reasonable activities.
1668Stephanie Delahey
1669Michael Balan
n2b1p9. I see no reason to change the bylaw, as long as residents are using reasonable precautions.
1670Brian Delahey
N2H 4E9
1671mary balan
1672Diana Oliveira
N2P 2X5
1673Katelyn Shilling
Fire pits should be legal we pay the taxes on our property's
1675Lynne Sonser
Money Grab shame on you kitchener

N2N 1S5
1677chris balsdon
N2A 0C7
1678Victoria Espinal
1679Matteo Espinal
N2E 4B2
1681Alvina Stercer
Totally ridiculous to ban fire pits. Most people are respectful of their neighbours. Summer is short enough please let us enjoy it.
1682Alvina Stercer
63 Krug St. Kitchener, N2H 2X5. Totally ridiculous to ban fire pits. Let us enjoy our summer. Next year the Whinners will have another agenda.
Ridiculous law
1686Oleksiy Gryshchenko
N2N 2L5
Let's make permits for bicycles, skates and even air! Just 10 bucks! MONEYGRAB!!!
1687andrei toma
11vicmount ap15 kitcheneron n2m2a2
1688Tom Blazon
1689Ben Lidstone
1690Ben Lidstone
1691Ben Lidstone
Postal code n2m 3k3
1692Cindy Snider
87 Avon Road, Kitchener, N2B 1T7
$10 is ridiculous. I moved back from Spruce Grove Alberta, and their fire permits are free...they are more concerned with safety, and less about making money..
1693Lyall Egerdeen
N2H 2A2
1694Doug Kennedy
n2h3v6 over 20 years of good memories cooking on the fire pit with frends and family.tired of politicians catering to the vocal minority
1695D Richter
23 Briargate Dr, Kitchener
1696Amy Williamson
N2E 1P7
1697R. Farrell
55 Perkell Place
Kitchener, ON
N2B 1J3
1698Randy Hofstetter
In favor of fire pits leave us alone.

N2h 3m8
1699Karen Macedo
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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