301Lori Reiser
N2H 4H1
I support the 6 meter rule, but not the permit, nor the max 6 per year. Why does city council feel the need to regulate each time a person complains? Can't people be neighbourly? Invest city staff time on mediation, not bylaw.
302Dan Becker
N2A 1E9
I'm allergic to cologne so I will expect all bottles to be removed from every shelf in the kw area. How ridiculous!
N2B 2T1
307micah holden
Keep fires alive
The scary part about this whole thing is that this nonsense even passed and we have to petition it !
Think about that for a second. Democracy ? Went the way of the dodo bird.
Hope this petition works. We'll see.
309rhonda holden
We love to make smores !yes to fires in our backyard!
310colin macdonald
77 old country dr
Kitchener, ontario
311Stephen Teska
N2H1J4 - This is just the most Ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Let's take away BBQ's while we are at it as well. Canadians have sat around the bonefire for years. This will never change.
N2N1T5 - Making us pay for permits is ridiculous and so is is the limitation on the number of fires per year.
313Jeremy Huygens

With all the changes and limitations on hydro more people will turn off the lights and the A/C to sit out by the fire , this is a joke
314Ross Nafziger
What pisses me off is the fact that the City By-Law Enforcement is a joke! If there are complaints they have the right to make sure you're not allowed to have any more fires. So why is there a problem if they're stupid and cannot enforce their own by-laws
315Jolene Pigeau
316Nick Maric
317R vincent
N2M 4K5 I am tired of being bylawed to death. Why are all the people that want fires being penalized because there are a handful of complainers
Cash grab...
N2E 3B2
319Kodie Williams
Please dont ban one oof the only things my large family can do together and not fight about!
320This signature has been deleted.
321kodie burton
323Tasha Williams
325Carrie Howells
This is a knee-jerk reaction to a few complainers when most of us in this City can peacefully enjoy this summer tradition with our families and neighbours. Stop trying to regulate our backyards!

I am also in complete agreement with R. Sneddon: "IF it's a safety or health concern, how does charging $10 per fire make it safer and more health conscious?"

This is a blatant money grab. You already tax us, so stop issuing new fees and fines just to live here.

City Council should be spending their time and resources on things that actually matter.

N2E 3V7
326Shauna Simon
Please return to previous bylaws for backyard fire pits!!


N2H 3N7
327Kevin Dayball
N2E 3V7

Why fix what isn't broken?

There are so many other more important things that need to be addressed.
328Patricia Williams
N2P 1J5

This is heartbreaking for the families who canít always afford special family outings with their children but enjoy the quality time spent together around the fire.
329george maltais
330Erin R
We have young kids with special needs, it's too hard for us to go camping. This lets us camp out in our yard and make smores in a safe, controlled way. Please don't change the bylaw
I want my firepit !!
333Rudy Bowers
What is wrong with a small safe fire? People should have to leave their name, address and phone number to even launch a complaint... this way we would have less money wasted on the same people who complain about any and everything.
334Robert Tiffin
We are tax paying, law abiding citizens of this city and we also should have rights
335Julie medeiros
N2H 3V9
Keep the fires burning!
336Nathan Greenlay the lizard
N2A 4A1
I like back yard fires
337Trevor Dalton
as long as it is safe away from houses and trees and a full water bucket near always being watched over then thats all that is needed not a ban or bylaw
N2M 3L1
This is ridiculous, nothing like being treated like a child.
339Michelle Beaupre N2N 1W6
So few complaints will impact many families. Deal with situations on a case by case basis. Close the windows if the smoke bothers you. Or be considerate if a close neighbour has a health issue. Cut grass bothers some...shall we stop cutting the lawns?
340Dave McQuay
341This signature has been deleted.
N2H 2X5
We do not need a new bylaw. This is like banning driving because someone ran a red light. Council has better things to do I think.
343Jan Stanley
I lived in Kitchener when I was a child and loved the hot summers and being able to enjoy your garden. From someone who can't do that because of the English weather, please DO NOT deny the Canadian public of having a fire pit.
344Heather Carter
345This signature has been deleted.
346karen teeter
N2A 2R8
347Kristin McNeish
348George Silva
349This signature has been deleted.
350Hilary Way
N2C 2N8
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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