751kevin braunig
752summer braunig
753Mike Frim
All it seems to take these days, is for a couple people to complain about something, to change things for everyone else.
754Mariane Juranovic
What else aren't we allowed to do in our own backyards? They need to spend tax dollars on preventing homes and cars from being broken in to by punks ... and leave us to roasting our marshmellows and hotdogs in peace!
755Sasha Loader
756Alexandra MacIntyre
138 Huber street Kitchener
757Ginny Eichler
Backyard fires are a wonderful social setting for neighbours and family gatherings. It would be a shame to make them difficult to arrange.
758bee haehnel
its not fair to limit the backyard fires and I don't agree
759Susan Zach
N2R 1B9
761dave lane
762This signature has been deleted.
this is bull ****
764Linda Langton-Kroetsch
another cash grab fot the Region, especially the City of Kitchener,lets put our tax dollars to work and prevent robberies in our community, the police do nothing about that, and noone seems to care, maybe with a backyard fire we can protect our properties
765Soraia Kader
Another money grabber! When will they draw the line?!
766Soraia kader
84 Montana Cres. Kitchener N2N2S1
767Tammy Kuchta
I agree that the few people that actually do not want firepits is nothing compared to the people that do!
In today's society, there are very little things that a person or family can do for free!
768Debbie Schleicher
N2E 4B6
769Deb Schleicher
n2e 4b6
770Deb Schleicher
the city should be more worried about more important issues other than people roasting marshmellows and spending quality time with their families in the summer
Love having fires in my yard with family n friends keep fire pits going
Might as well start paying for the beach.
This is bull squirt. Squirting of the bulls is bad. Don't involve the fire pits. You guys are totally, dudes hating dudes with the fire pit man dudes. That's so low dudes.
Start making the people causing the problems accountable. Mr Zehr needs to stop this now. Do something the people are asking for a change. Drop this!
779kari jones
780Mark Zschocke
N2G 2C4
781Nick Espinal
More money for Mr. goverment
782Melissa Marriott
N2H 2V8
783Darel Volkes
N2M 3A4
784C Lehmann
785Amanda Roswell
N2M 2A6
786R. Clarke
787M Clarke
788Tracey Beirness
N2N 3A5
789Wesley Gabinet
Another "DEMOCRATIC" rule!!!
Typical government money grab
790Doug Fischer
N2A 1E7 We need less silly bylaws, NOT more! The $10.00 per fire fee is nothing more than a cash grab.
791Shawn Sprague
792This signature has been deleted.
793Jim Walker
Sign this petition and then send an email to the mayor and your councillor telling them NO to the changes on backyard firepits.Here is a link...
Make your feelings known!!
794Martin Wirth
30 Louisa St
Kitchener, ON
N2H 5L8
795Jim Walker
sorry forgot to put this. N2C 1X9
796andrea sprague
Whats next BBQ
797matt mcleod
798Karen Savard
sorry to put name twice but missed this N2G 2C6
799Trevor Taylor
111 Lyndhurst Dr.
Kitchener, N2B1B7

This is simply another tax.
800Dan Hinsperger
People always have something to complain about. Let them have their fires.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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