901Deanna Benvie
902mike breen
903Tom snyder
This is just rediculous, Why is there bylaws in the first place? If somebody is breaking it are they not subject to a fine? Why take the privilege from everyone.
904Bob Krall
If this bill passes I hope everyone remembers this at election time!!!!
905Angela Endicott
N2B3V5- There is a greater health concern from walking down the street then from the smoke caused.GIVE ME A BREAK! Shame on you Kitchener City Council for not having anything better to do then take away this outdoor leisure activity from your tax payers.
906Caroline Wolff
N2N 3K8
Charging for fire now?! Really, do we have nothing better to do than fight over this, please speak to your neighbor and come up with a solution . City needs to be more forceful with slobs who leave their property in a mess!
907Blake Y
This wont stop anyone, stop wasting tax dollars
908Bryn Ossington
N2M 3B5
909Heather Murphy
N2E 3R9
910Jeff Haggins
911This signature has been deleted.
912Julie clarke
133 old carriage drive
913shannon hall
133 old carriage driver
914ray harrington
56 old huron court
915Wayne Kramer
N2P 2T9
916j salter
N2B 2N5 We so enjoy our fire pit and have been responsable and kind to our neighbours I would be very dissapointed to lose the privelge to gather with friends and family to enjoy an evening by the fire, What would summer be without this.
917g boehm
N2B 2N5 Dont take this away from us. It has been a pleasure to enjoy over the years & hope to continue for many more
918tim endicott
N2B 3V5

$10 per fire??? Up to 6 fires? Sounds like a cash grab to me. If it is controlled small fire in the proper elements; what is the harm?
920Angie Stercer
why are we putting postal codes in this area...Kitchener..if you have them once and awhile..big deal!
921Bonnie Krone
922ray robertson
156 simeon street, kitchener, ontario N2H1S8
923Jerry Kovach
I believe most people that participate in a back yard fire are responsible law abiding. Punish the few that get out of control not the majority that excersize restrain and respect for the neighbourd.
924This signature has been deleted.
925kellie cain
N2B 3J6
F-55 Victoria St., N
Kitchener ON
N2H 5B7
927This signature has been deleted.
928Olivia Pawlowski
929Melissa Cadorette
930Melissa Krone
N2G 2X1
931Shelly Bowmas
It is wrong to make us pay a fee or ask permission to have a fire in our own backyard just because their are a handful of complainers in all of Kitchener.
933Thomas Bowman
N2B 3A9
934Faye Stemmler-Walker
I thin that $10.00 is a little excessive for each time.
935Marilyn Schiedel
I believe the fire pit violations (like noise violations) should be handled on an individual basis. If more than one complaint per household, then consequences should be in place.
936Claudine Boterman
love love love campfires !!
Kneejerk reaction to 80 bleeding hearts. Ridiculous
938Dean Landry
Lets responsible adults continue to be responsible

kitchener, ont
939Nate G.
once again the minority wrecking everything in life.
940Nick Weerheim
restore some sensibility!
941John Ostrowski
296 Dixon St. Kitchener
942Mike Caskanette
You have got to be kidding me. Have they nothing better to do at City Hall than this? GTFO of here. What I do on my property is up to me thanks.
943Kristine Young
N2B 2Z1
944Niki Matcheski
945Marilyn Williamson
N2H 2M8
946Shane miller
947Marg Azevedo
N2N 3K8
Please return to previous bylaws
Its been a family and friends fun time at our house for yrs,not right to punish everyone else because of 80 complaints .
Sorry n2n2v1
950Rebecca Losee
N2M 1W9
Let us keep our pits!
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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