51D McAnally
Cash Grab and totally ridiculous!!!
52J Sikic
I agree. This is a total Cash Grab. We are all responsible adults and should be allowed to enjoy our time with family and friends around a fire without having to pay for it. What's next?
53Michael Chatel
38 Boehmer St

City council ignored the vast majority of citizens, over a few complainers. Bring back our previous bylaw.
Another knee jerk reaction by an outdated counsel. You already tax us, stop issuing new fees and fines just to live here.
55R Sneddon
IF it's a safety or health concern, how does charging $10 per fire make it safer and more health conscious? Unbelievable.
600 Greenfield Ave
Can we vote on a new counsel?
57Daniel Kraft
58Dave S.
Everytime you turn around they are trying to control your every move. And tell you this is the way it is going to be. (PERIOD)
59This signature has been deleted.
60Dave Kains
Quick reaction to council from a few people complaining. Squeaky-wheel phenomenon again. Not like they changed the by-law because of it being too dangerous. - 76 Kenneth Ave
62Shane Swiech
N2H 2B9
63Sean McFarlane
50 something emails to a council wanting to eliminate fires does not constitute a strong majority of the staff.
64Sheila Lucas
This is ridiculous! Every time a whiner complains they have to change laws..move the few whiners to the country where they belong! Total cash grab! N2A 2R3 80 Pepperwood Cr.
66Dale Lucas
Why do we pay taxes...what does that cover exactly?? Apparently not a fire in your own backyard!

N2A 2R3
67This signature has been deleted.
68Karen Stroud
130 Mt. Hope St.
N2G 4M6
69Brett Hill
10 Putnam Place Kitchener N2N1N9 -There is absolutely no reason to charge us to have a fire. We pay more than enough taxes.
70This signature has been deleted.
71Dorothea Daniels
94 Cambridge Avenue Kitchener.
Stop the madness
72D. Sneddon
In complete agreement with R. Sneddon (petition below) "If it's a safety or health concern, how does charging $10 per fire make it safer and more health conscious? My thoughts this is offensively conspicuous & a blatant 'Cash Grab' .. Ludicrous

N2H 6T3
73Daniel Veenstra
Too many restrictions in this already bubble-wrap world, don't add another.
74Len Ringwald
Cash Grab. Let's ban cigarettes fist, they kill a lot more people.
N2B 3L9
75This signature has been deleted.
76Lorrie B
A backyard campfire is about as Canadian as it gets! I will be having a campfire this weekend, celebrating this beautiful country we live in! N2M 1X2
77Cathy Bonnell
78Bogdan Stanciu
N2M 5E4. Whole point of having a backyard is to enjoy it not to get permits!
79Jen Dol
I support backyard fire pits and am opposed to the new restrictions. Kitchener, ON N2N 3G8
80Debbie Snyder
16 Highview Drive
N2N 1W4
81Adam Smith
If a neighbour's dog barks all night long, that impacts my health. Will the City of Kitchener ban dogs next? Or perhaps just limit them to 6 barks per year?

Franklin St. N.
N2A 1Y4
82Deseree Clark
82pepperwood n2a2r3. 80% of my neighbours have fire pits! And the other 20% send time In the back yard of those that have pits!
83Damir Erak
84Andrei Bershadski
Resigning petition with postal code: N2N3G8. I support the old by laws. These new laws are going too far to please only a few people.
85This signature has been deleted.
86Angela Clark
N2P2A2 I follow the old bylaw, I get that my yard is too small...but I enjoy many backyard fires in the city. This change is absurd.
87Harry Scanlan
Forgot - N2E0B2
88Mehdi O
N2M 3M9
I am for fire pits.
89Andrei Bershadski
63 West Acres, n2n 3g8.
90Lisa Habel
100 Kinzie Ave
91Adam Lantz
So let me get this straight... 80-some e-mails and they make a big deal of it? Well guess what, 14 people have already signed this petition to keep the bylaw as-is. Kitchener N2E3Z6.
92John Clark
n2p 1h3...come for a canada day fire
93Rachel H
94Krystina B
I am for fire pits in the entire Region of Waterloo.
95Stephen Auer
my address is 66 Highpark Ave. in Kitchener.pits yes,no fees, 7pm to midnight
96Laura Winsor
N2G 2Z5 - there should be no change to the existing bylaw.
97Dawn Wentzell
We have 6 properties adjouning ours, and not one neighbour has ever complained -- to us or the city -- about smoke from our fires.

N2A 1Y4
98Chris Dressel
21 Dalegrove Dr. N2M 5B2
I am TOTALLY IN FAVOUR of backyard fire pits! Why should everyone have to suffer because of a handful of sticks in the mud? Outdoor fun shouldn't have a price tag on it!
99Adam Merrifield
N2E 2Y3
100Bernadette Parsons-Attwood
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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