1401Sheri Trudel
1402Laura Eagle
111 Stonehenge Pl Kitchener N2N 2M5
1403David Goetz
111 Stonehenge Pl Kitchener N2N 2M5
1404amy cromwell
415 Morgan ave kitchener.
1405Karen D
1406Ken Waite
N2E1A4. This is typical heavy handed bureaucracy catering to a noisy few, while ignoring the public good of the masses.
1407Dan Lauckner
36 Blucher Street
1408jason hunsberger
N2K 1P8
N2P 1Y2
37 Lilac street Kitchener
1412Michelle Dedman
1413Ann Zeiger
I enjoy sitting enjoying in the backyard enjoying a fire. If there r irresponsible people abusing .Go after these people. Not happy of the permit being considered.
1414Sandra Arndt
60 forest Glen Cres
Kitchener, oN
1415kim koebel
why do we have to pay to enjoy a fire in our OWN yard? This is ludicrous.
1416This signature has been deleted.
156 sugarmaple kitchener
1418Rob Dedman
1419Rob Smith
More restrictions and less freedoms is what this BS law is about. I served for 20 years to fight this kind of ****. Give me back my freedom and country.
1420Esther Allin
N2E 1T5
We have to stop reacting to the minority. Compared to how many people live in Kitchener, this is ridiculous!
1421julie neil
N2h 4e9
I chose my home in part because of the huge yard; having contained backyard fires was a wonderful perk of that yard. Why am i paying extra taxes to enjoy my large yard when i can't use it the (responsible) way i want to?
1422c. rausch
N2H 4E9
Permit? That would assume that I know in advance when the weekend will lend itself to perfect opportunity for a fire. Ridiculous way to punish everyone for a few who do stupid things and to cater to those who have nothing better to do than complain
1423Lindsay kloiber
1424This signature has been deleted.
N2A 3V2
1426K. Steele
Abosolutely ridiculous Bylaw. Another money grab.
1427This signature has been deleted.
1428Ingrid Kessler
Ridiculous and infuriating amendment. What next? Perhaps if 80 people complained, we could institute a per-instance permit to light a cigarette. After all, they cause more fires and, quite often, annoyance. Get your money grab out of my yard! N2H3A7
1429Elizabeth Hunter
Please give us back this right to enjoy our own yards again! N2H 4V9 Kitchener ON Canada!!!
1430Richard Shears
Everyone should change for a few? Where's the democracy in that?

N@N 2M7
1431Pearl Marks
they have no right to take people's enjoyment away! N2M 5J1
1432Andy Weber
My Address is 50 Doonbrook Place, Kitchener, Ont. My Lot is 1/2 acre and we love our backyard fires as do our neighbors. We join each other in community spirit Each weekend.
1433Cassie Bulgin
1434Kate Battler
31 Geneva Cres.
Kitchener, ON
1435Brenda Battler
31 Geneva Cres
Kitchene, ON
1436Robert Braun
Kehl St. N2M 3V1
As others of stated, don't punish the majority because of a few, go after those who cause the nuisance.
1437caroline white
1438Ed Devlin
324 forest hill dr., Kitchener, on
Really, we want our council to create bylaws where a few neighbors can't get along??? Where will this end?
1439Kasey Jayne Steele
1440This signature has been deleted.
1441Gordon Willms
Next the city will hire an enforcement officer to fine all those enjoying their fires. Then they will have to raise our taxes to pay for the additional car and officer. Do you see a socialist state. When will the madness end?
1442This signature has been deleted.
1443J. Grant
N2M 3Y5
Maybe we should have a bylaw for everyone that farts outside as that is very unpleasant to the neighbors that have to smell it
1444al neveu
No..backyard burn?
But its ..OK if you pay for it now!
Pleeeze...another money grab or what! Wot a joke!!
1445Fred Taylor
N2P 1R2
I feel sorry for people in Wards 3, 8 and 10. They have LAZY councillors that would rather do nothing and vote for a complete ban rather than to work at finding a fair and ethical solution.
"BAN the BAN"
1446allan anderson
- think that the change is rediculous. How can one person's opinion chang law?
1447geoff foxton-garner
N2b 3p8
This is a ridiculous bylaw
1448Tracey Langbein
N2H 4W4
The permit is simply a money grab. That $10 goes a long way with hotdogs and marshmellows.
1449Mike Langbein
We purchased our property because of the large backyard and we use it.
1450Sarah Langbein
I am against this new bylaw. N2H4W4
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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