1801Lilian Roblero
Having family time is very important to have our children out of streets and bad relationships. As responsable residents and home owners we believe that we should have the right to choose when we have firepits @ our homes. Family time = No deliquents
1802Amela Deljkovic
As long as you are responsible we should be able to keep having a controlled fire in our backyards.
1803Dave Ockwell-Jenner
N2A 4K1
1804luzy santizo
1805Rob Fuller
N2k 2M8
1806Suse Santos
this is the pressure of the MINORITY against the MAJORITY, fully UNDEMOCRATIC
1808J Jolivet
N2E 0A6
1809Valery Kumynsky
N2N 1H1
1810This signature has been deleted.
1811Zac solcan
Keep previous bylaw re fire
1812willy leader
N2n 4s1- enough with the money grabbers
1813Mike Swiech
It should be the right of the citizen who owns the property and pays their taxes to be allowed the pit if they wanted. To tell people they must pay 10 bucks per fire for a max of 6 per year is ridiculous imo. Its a money grab from the city.
1814Pauline Raymond
Most families enjoy the firepit *responsibly*, with neighbours usually invited to join! What a rich opportunity to teach our children skills and values beyond books/schools, and should be encouraged, not made difficult. N2H 2G1
1815Mike Friesen
N2E 1K3
1816Marcel White
N2A 0A3
1817Donna Geil
1818Catherine Unrau Woelk
N2M 1W9
1819steve rempel
44 claremont ave., kitchener
1820Sarah D
N2H 6A3
1821Brian MacKenzie
Thank for starting this, power to the people
1822Kylie Doerner
152 Veronica Drive
1823Nick L
N2E 4L4
1824Jeffrey R. Wight
N2H 6C1
1825Jennifer Stanciu
N2E 0B6, Eby Estates, Kitchener
1826Noah Stanciu
N2E 0B6, Eby Estates, Kitchener
1827Keith Schaner
N2M 2B7
1828Alice Schanger
N2M 2B7
1829This signature has been deleted.
1830Rob Duke
1831Dave Klassen
N2G 1R3
1832Patricia Potts
1833greg lee

Don't ban fires. A few should not ruin it for the rest. People who have a problem should close their windows. Problem solved.
1834Kelly Knack
1835ashlin peaker
i love smores too much
1836Robert Gehl
N2M 3M1
1837Brandon Leis
Kitchener resident.
N2E 1N9
1838carriayn cooper
cash grab!!!!!
1839PJ Wight
N2H 6C1
1840Katerina Hinnerova
1841Aileen Farrol
1842Celine Jou Genard
N3H 5S7 - completely against the new bylaw pertaining to backyard firepits. If you have a issue with a neighbours, speak to them or go through proper channels within the city bylaws. The entire region should not have to suffer because of one home owner.
1843Kim Rau
1844Jacqueline D
1845Chris Sonser
This needs to be stopped.
1846Logan Peaker
N2B 0E6, Eby Estates, Kitchener
Responsible homeowners should have the right to choose to have contained fires (in firepits) on their own property.
1847Sara K.
Please look at some important issues in the city of Kitchener instead!
1848Gene Lauber
N2P2V9 says the city should allow outdoor fires and deal with the complaints as they come up and stop the crap outlawing fires due to smog. This has never happened before. Stay out of bedrooms and backyards.
1849Sarah Blazon
Why force a permit on residence to enjoy something in the comforts of their own backyard...that is absurd.
1850Randy Richard
I can handle the 7-11pm and even the 6/year, but the extra meter of distance is silly and the fee is just insulting if we're to think it's anything but a ca$h grab.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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