2201Christine Johnston
I completely understand a ban during dry weather, HOWEVER to ban altogether is RIDICULOUS, the safety fire pits have come along way and I am always very respectful of my neighbors when having a fire at keeping it small and keeping the noise down, my kids
2202Christine Johnston
to finish my kids will be very disappointed
2203Jeff Howey
I am strongly against the ban on fire pits, keep it contained, safe and enjoy
N2G 3C6
2204Christine Johnston
N2G 3C6
2205M. Langille
2206Andrew Kennedy

45 Stirling Ave. N.
Kitchener N2H 3G1
2207This signature has been deleted.
2208Melissa Beyerle
N2B 1T1
2209Adam Webb
N2B 1T1
2210Valerie Dunlop
2211Tim Rafferty
Please do not pander to a small number of residents again or we will have petitions to add walkways everywhere on top of banning fire pits.
2212Tim Rafferty
N2B 1J2
I am hoping that council has enough sense not to bow to a small number of unhappy residents that have no idea of what is a good time. My neighbours have never complained and I'll never give them a reason to. I do not feel represented by my council
2213Lindsay Hollister
N2N 3C4
2214tony przeklasa
n2a 1x4
2215Jason Monnikendam N2E 4C4
2216Elroy Myers
I want to be able to have my 12 year old brother over to enjoy a backyard fire because we unable to take a weekend off work to go camping, the summer nights is all we have.
2217Jenn Lambert
N2H 2X7
2218This signature has been deleted.
2219Mollie Winger
Address: N2V 2A4
Please give back our firepits.
N2M 4T4
2221Sherri McKeown
Sounds like a cash grab.
2223Tyler Pamer
N2N 2K5
More of my freedom is being taken away because two neighbors don't have the intelligence required to get along, that will be a sad day for Kitchener
2224Ian Dewar
29 Cumberland Pl.
Kitchener N2N 2V9
2225Matt McGuire
2226Joe Merriam
2227julia a. rust
2228Terry McCutcheon
N2M 2L9
2229Sue Bycraft
Please reconsider this decision..So many rights and freedoms are taken away from law abiding citizens because of the stupidity of a few...
2230Julie Schmidt
N2A 4B9
2231Nicole Crozier
I don't agree with this change of law at all! We had fires almost every weekend with our children and never had any problems we were quiet and respectful and our children love having them. why are we being punished for it?? 135 Highbrook St Kitchener
2232Lynn Robitaille
What will be next, banning word burning fireplaces?
2233This signature has been deleted.
2234Natalie Jones
2235Eli Gingerich
27 Hohner ave

If we are concerned with hazards smoke we might won't to start with banding cars or smoking!
2236Chris Freiburger
41 Dieppe Avenue Kitchener N2H 4E9
2237Joseph Crawford
N2G 1M4
2238Kris McGee
N2M 4P3
2239Brenda Prins
N2G 2E8
2240jason Schnarr
145 Fenwick Crt. Kitchener
2241Karine Bordes
Ahrens Street
2242Carolyn Burjoski
2243Tracey McPhail
N2H 2A4
2244Brielle Vautour
N2G 3E7

The firepit ban is ridiculous. One of the best things to do in the summer is have a campfire with friends and family - don't let 80 people ruin this for the other 279920 of us!
2245emile lakatos
want my fire
2246Gavin Wark
N2P 1E5
2247Christian Snyder
N2H 5A6 Keep the fire pits.
2248Mark McBean
No kidding!!! its my yard my house, let me enjoy my personal freedoms in my own personal space!
2249This signature has been deleted.
2250Shara Bierman
Postal code N2N2P3. SHocked Kitchener, this is a new low.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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