951Evan Ossington
N2M 3B5
952Chris Moritz
i have had outdoor fires for the last 13 years! family fun..n2a 1e1
953Cathy Blackburn
N2M 5L9
The city council is supposed to act on behalf of the city. Eighty people does not constitute a majority by any means. Since more than 80 people have already signed this, we've already outvoted any of the "complainers".
954Anna Bebenek
N2H 3K9
955Mike Edwards
N2E 3N8
956Peter Frey
n2e 1n8
957Laura Marciniwe
958This signature has been deleted.
959Anna Bulawa
N2E0A3People always have something to complain about. If we start banning everything that our grouchy neighbours have a problem with, we'd barely be able to leave our homes. Stop taking away inexpensive family activities because a few abuse the privilege.
960Rick Russell
What next a permit for my charcoal bbq.
961Karen Cloutier
Happy Canada Day and I want my fire pit!
244 Victoria St. S. N2G 2C2
962This signature has been deleted.
963melissa turner
N2H 4R6
965Melissa David
N0K 1L0 We currently live out of town but we lived in KW for 10 years and are planning on moving back to the city soon. Citizens with reasonable compliants should use the bylaw enforcement already in place.
966Jim & Bev Birch
N2N 1W8
967Dawn Gollan
N2B 3V7
968Toni Kerbs
I don't understand what the big deal is about having a fire pit in your own backyard. If it is contained in one area and a holeS or bucket of water is at hand JUST INCASE THER IS A ACCIDENT it can be put out, but its ok for the country people to hsve fires
970Jen Lacoste
971Marc Lacoste
972Garret Lacoste
973Kendra & Matt
N3C 2N7
our kids look forward to roasting marshmallows @ uncle nick's place. what are we supposed to do now, microwave them?
974christine. werner
This is wrong our property and we cant even do what we want. All the city wants is just another way of making money.
975Lisa B
N2A 2M4
976Carrie Vandenhoff
N2M 1G2
977Shari Brule
I want to have a campfire in my backyard every once in a while!! Don't take a little fun away from anyone!!!
978amanda campbell
N2M 5E8
979Nancy Burt
980Reimund Kurz
N2E1C3- It's sad to realize that our City doesn't have anything else to be concerned of.. And only look for another reason to pull more money out of our pockets. I wish they would spend the same energy and time to take care of real problems.
981Nicole Rasmussen
982Doug Hazel
this is a crazy bylaw. Local government should be focusing on more pressing issues than this.
983Mackenzie Benenati
984Amy Seip
N2N 1S9
985Mat B
N2K 1N4
986Kim Chapman
N2M 4L3
987Janet Hundt
15 Greengable Way
988Janet Hundt
N2N 3A7
990Rick Schiedel
This should never been change because of a few complaints that should have been dealt with on an individual basis, no different than noise violations.
991deb jacklin
I have backyard fires often, and bylaw has been here many times and never have I been in trouble for the fire, mostly for noise complaints. We should be able to enjoy a controlled backyard fire and obide by the previous laws that were in place.
,2G 3E8
994Travis Marriott
N2H 2V8
Boniface Ave., Kitchener
996Harrison Gross

Have never had people complainging over our fires.
997deb malloy
N2E 1V1
998Mike Malloy
N2E 1V1
999Barb jacklin
It is your own property, should be able to have a campfire !!!!!!
1000Liane Deforge
Bring back the old laws with the firepits and don't even think of making us citizens pay for permits to have fires. For some people thats all they have for enjoyment. Deal with the few complaints without punishing the rest of the population.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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