1151Stewart Saunderson
N2B 3V8. Nice to see a few complainers (I'm sure there are not 80 INDIVIDUAL complaints, just the same people calling frequently) can ruin it for the rest of us. And a $10 Permit wont help those who have medical issues. Cash grab all the way!
1152June Beam
92 Ethel St.,
Kitchener, On
N2B 1Z9
n2h 3g4
1154Sam Lidstone
1155Michael MacLean
1156Lyn McGinnis
1157katie marcell
1158Zoran Vujicic
This is an obvious tax grab. As others have said there are already bylaws in place to deal with firepit issues. The city already charges us very high property taxes and they could at least let us enjoy our properties without undue interference from them.
1159Greg Stevens
1160This signature has been deleted.
Sounds like alot of people enjoy the backyard fires, more than the ones that don't. I love having a fire in my backyard.
1162Amy Pinto
N2M 3W4 Is the city going to limit 6 campfires per year to Bingamans park campers ?? Plus charge $10.00 per fire. The park is in city limits.
1164Humberto Alves
1165Terri Drahorat
275 Camille Cr. Waterloo Ontario
If people are responsible, there should be no reason to bab or charge for fire pits.
1166Carrie Spence
1167Shirley geddes
N2A 1X1
N2M 4G8
N2M 4G8
1171Larry Pinkerton
1172S Popovic
N2R 1L4 Always nice to have a campfire with marshmellows/ hotdogs etc... in my own backyard. $10 tax WTF. 80 too many whinners out of 200000
1173Ariel Dooley
I like to hangout with friends and make hotdogs over the open fire. Are neighbours also enjoy there firepits. It also gets me out of the house.
1174B Betts
I think charging $10 o have a contained fire in my own yard is ludicrous. Just a cash grab plain and simple! Paying $10 does by not means make it safer. I oppose this ridiculous change and request it be returned to its previous form.
1175A Cousineau
Selkirk Drive
Kitchener, ON
N2E 1M5

I oppose this change!
1176Carole Nantel
N2A 1P5

I look forward to summer and mostly backyard fire pits. What is summertime without this just because a few bad apples who ruin it for the rest of us. I want backyard fire pits bylaw put back the way it was.
1177Paul Snowdon
N2A 1P5
1178Shane Green
I love having a fire in my back yard in the summer. Don't take the little things away from us.
1179Michael Synnott
Fire pits are a great family time. Most families do not have the opportunity of means to go camping and fire pits give parents and children to enjoy roasting marshmellows in their own back yard. The $10 fee is just another cash grab by our city fathers.
1181This signature has been deleted.
1182Eric Jackson
N2N 1H8
1183john s smith
Blank policies should be used to protect a group at large, not control a minority of disrespectful deviants. Education and then allowing decency & respect to prevail will enhance a stronger community than gov't imposed limits in our lives.
1184jeff wendling
1185john s smith
I just signed and then read the request for address/postal code.
N2E 1X9
1186This signature has been deleted.
1187Adam Vollmer

To punish those that have small bylaw abiding fires instead of directing the resources of the city towards those that are consistently not following the rules and enacting a new grossly overexaggerated bylaw is as previously stated wrong! n2b3v4
1188Dana Jagt
1189Queen Hezumuryango
N2A 2N1
1190julie marion
1192Heidi Croft
N2A 4L6
1193Doug Hreceniuk

1194Jenn Osaduke
This law is stepping over the line. We are a community who is supposed to be supporting family time and what better way to enjoy each other than to enjoy a fire on a nice sumner evening. Do NOT pass this by law.
1195Albert Ralph
N2A 1S1
I don't object to the money, I object to the blanket 6 meter clause. I object to the 6 fire limit. I have had safe fires for 40 years, in less than 5m clearance. 6 m clearance would prevent fires in 90% of provincial park campsites!
Go to a site li
1197Florence Reid
N2A 1T8
1198Brandy Rudow
N2C 1N6
1199Craig Rudow
N2C 1N6
1200Jennifer Devitt
817 Queen's Blvd. Kitchener N2M1A6
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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