701Dianne Kirby
702Tim Kirby
Clearly a money grab.
703Julie Coulson
The $10.00 fee and set numbers seem very arbitrary to me. Additionally, I agree with the comment that this time is a very inexpensive way for families to spend quality time. At least open up public discussion.
704Bob Frey
N2N 1C5
705Brandon Smith
N2H 6G7
706Julie Coulson postal code is N2E 2A4
I don't want to loose my options to use my fire pit...I cook on it...and what if we ever had a Power Outage...why can't common sense not play a role here...Don't burn anything but wood! There should be no issues...
Fires are for Spiritual Healings...
708Dee Owen
Just like anything, be careful then enjoy.
709jen mitchell
How stupid is this idea!
710gary h
Karol Zehr the non kitchener resident is against backyard fires? unless you pay 10 bucks?
711Kelly Zuk
If there is a problem with someone's fire pit causing damage etc make the person responsible pay a fine or the cost of the fire department being deployed.
Lewis Crescent, Kitchener, N2A 2T6
712Diane Paris
713Megan Tadman
714Diane Paris
213 Vanier Dr
715Megan Tadman
305 Margaret Ave
716jennifer steel
i looove my little fires int he evening with my 2 children. we cant afford to go camping so this makes it a nice evcening at home!
717mike steel
718valerie steel
i really enjoy my campfires at home we cant afford to go camping , we also cook suppers sometimes or make spider wieners or marshmellows . since when is it a crime to have a little fire in the backyard. this is the little enjoyment when money tight
719Cheryl Nafziger
394 Sienna Cres.
720jeremy crawford
This is just another money grab by government, and complaints from people who either were slighted by not being invited. 339 westheights dr kitchener.
721Heather Quiring
I agree with the hours and with the distance from buildings but limit 6 fires and $10 each is just crazy
Highview drive N2N1W4
722Christine Hannusch
772 Stirling Ave S, Kitchener, Apt 101
723Brent Niergarth
Dosent city council have any thing better to do. Lots of familys spend time together around a fire. Its not hurting anyone!
724jennifer steel
how come we cant have just one thing free in life? our paychecks already go to everyone but us! so lets make everyone that much more miserable when it could be a nice relaxing night after a hard day at work with family time! n2h4w9
725Ruth Ann Weaver
give us the pits back!!!!!
726Georgia Paget
N2n 1s3 give back us our fire pits!!!
I would like to continue to have safe responsible fires in my backyard with my family. N2J1A7
728Derek Strassburger
I'd rather start my fire with a $10 bill than give it to those fat cats at City! Hall.
729Nicole Eisenporth
This is just crazy! Such a money grab!
N2N 1W4
730Lee Rogister
as long as covered fire pits are used, what is the problem?
731Paul Shull
732Barbara Roussel
yes i would like to be able to have a small fire to roast marshmallows with my grandchildren on the weekendds.
733Josh Leis
N2G 1R3
734jonathan freitas
absolutely ridiculious!!!
735Moose Hosein
I'll sign your petitition but in Waterloo, we dont even have that option. BS!!
736Michael Roussel
We would love to be able to roas tmarshmallows with our grandaughters in our own backyard. We only bought a fire pit this year and it is still in the box and we would love to be able to use it. Thanks.
737Amber McDougall
N2P 2A2
I don't understand why people are always complaining about the little things. Why can't we be more friendlier and get along better? As Canadians we are known for being friendly and getting along but honestly you wouldn't know it walking around Kite
I think that have a back yard fire is very relaxing. It is fair to have it between the hours of 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.
Dont BAN fires, inform people!

112 old park lane kitchener
740Lance Luke
Gimme a break. With a little common sense and courtesy, a small campfire shouldn't bother anyone
741Tanner Dunkel
34 Newbury dr. Kitchener ontario
742Jake Eisenporth
We only get a few months a year to enjoy outside, and now we might not be able to enjoy a fire with friends and family. N2N 1W4
743Jeremy Rollins
Let us enjoy the summer. Only a few months in a year. If we can contain it why not?
744Jeff Rasmussen
We can't let these few people prevent the vast majority of us from enjoying a campfire in our backyards. Quality time with our families and friends would be reduced which is a big step in the wrong direction. I will be at the meeting on August 27th.
745Jeff Rasmussen
We can't let these few people prevent the vast majority of us from enjoying a campfire in our backyards. Quality time with our families and friends would be reduced which is a big step in the wrong direction. I will be at the meeting on August 27th.
67 Fairfield Ave Kitchener
746Tracy Mckechnie
When did Canada become minority rules. This is unjust and unnecessary. If you don't want to speak Aug 27 I will. N2G 2V4 I suggest you write letter to kw record as well get word out. Most ppl prob don't even know about this
747Alice Lee Munroe
320 Victoria St. S.
748kerri quantz
n2h 3l9
please stop the insanity! next it will be the bbq's!!!
749E. Bernier
750E. Bernier
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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