601This signature has been deleted.
602Gerrie Stein N2A 1N3
I agree there should be rules but not permits to have a fire. Cash Grab
603L Crompton
N2M 4R9
For those of us who are respective of our neighbours and are careful about our fires this is an outrage.
604Kate Fraser
n2g 1s5
605Lisa James
Don't ruin it for the responsible people. This is just another money grab by the city.
606Morgan McMillan
55 Highland Rd. W.
Kitchener, ON
N2M 3B7
607Lisa James
Forgot address:
55 Highland Rd. W
Kitchener, ON
N2M 3B7
608jeff Locke
N2H 2A4
609J Casciato
N2M 4R9 The beauty of Kitchener is that one can feel like you are in the out in the country and fires and roasting marshmellows on a Saturday night makes it special.We are not Waterloo nor do we want to be.
610Peter K
N2E 2K2
612Marie O'Brien
N2M 3J6 - What happened to majority rules? We a responsible adults and enjoy our backyard summer fires! Pretty sad that a few can ruin our summertime pleasure. And where is this permit money going to go? Do I get my money back if a neighbor complains?
613Beatrice Dusome
38 Fairlawn Rd.
N2C 1X9
Just another money grabber. Our taxes are high enough. When is enough Enough?
614Mike Kipper
N2H 4P9.
615Danny Dusome
38 Fairlawn Rd.
N2C 1X9
616Melissa Dol
617Dale Russell
another way to take your money--most people are responsible....just leave it alone
N2A 4H8
618Milton Moffett
What is City Council smoking? (pun intended)
619Nicole Padfield
N2E 3P9
620Tyson Reiser
I think the distance from other houses/buildings is a good idea, but an outright ban for everyone is too restrictive.
621tracey opyc
N2@ 1N2
622Duncan McLennan
Should be legal in Waterloo! As long as you're not smoking out your neighbours' house, or at real risk for starting a fire.
623Amber G
N2R 1T3
624Mathew Johnston
N2H 3V9
625Gavin Brown-Jowett
626Sharon Kowalski
This by-law is a cash grab...use good wood and there is no smoke
627Anne B
As usual whiners trying to take some basic fun away from others...probably anti social as well. Please do not let this go through!!
628kevin helgerman
629Chrissy Kenty
Such a waste of taxpayers money and bylaw officers time! Think it's time to move out of this city if BS laws like this stick around...N2N 1Z7
630Jessica Harrison
N2H 3L5
631Dan Adair
N2H 3L5
632Alexis Adair
N2H 3L5
633Eric Mah
44 Fenwick Crt.
Kitchener, ON
634Amy Buckland
taxpayers money and bylaw officers time is going the tubes on this one.
635Jodi Sorenson
2-43 Secord Ave. Kitchener, ON
N2B 2L3

Go Ed, let enjoy our backyards. Don't take the enjoyment of having firepits away. We use ours with family and friends, all enjoy it.

636amy buckland
n2e 2y4
637Rob Kliewer
557 topper woods cr
Kitchener, n2p2y3
638Dan Mandic n2h 4x1
639lynn robitaille
Are summer's are so short. What is wrong with a little fire pit in the back yard?
One more rule. One more thing taken away from us. May aswell move!!!
640matthew mandic
n2h 4x1
641nickolas mandic
n2h 4x1
I think this new bylaw is ridiculous, our backyards our part of our own property and is our own privacy.
642nickolas mandic
n2h 4x1
I think this new bylaw is ridiculous, our backyards our part of our own property and is our own privacy.
643Brad Hiuser
644Amber Karges
35 Maurice Street Kitchener
645jeremy mahn
Leave our back yard fires alone... Don't punish us all because a few people are against it n2m 3r4
646Jordan Shaw
35 Maurice Street Kitchener
647julie mahn
N2M 3R4

648Judy Lukashal
It is one of the few things most families can do together in the summer since jobs are scarce and gas prices are high. They should pay a one time fee and have it inspected then be allowed yearly if it is in control.
649Brad Hiuser n2m1c2
650Milton Moffett
39 Shadeland Cres.
Kitchener, ON
N2M 2J1
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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