1551chris Bignell
N2B 1H3
1552Claudia Espinal
1553Mark Fries
I am against this bylaw on firepits
1554Greg Grimes
Will City staff be around at 6:30 pm to issue the permit when friends drop in and you opt to have a nice fire in the summer... I doubt it... You will probably have to go to City Hall between 11:15 and 12:45 and give 10 days advance notice...
1555Carrie Hamilton
Please revert to the previous bylaw allowing fires in the backyards of Kitchener residents
1556Stacey Richter
This bylaw fee sounds like nothing more than a money grab and personal, contained fires kept within a resonable size on your own property should be allowed and free.
1557Kimberly VanderLoo
Either allow them with reasonable limitations,or ban them. Don't make it a money grab!
1558Tiffany Elliott
180 Kingswood dr
Kitchener, ON
N2E 1S9
1559Sherry Richter
1560M Bagnell
Just another way to control us and make more money. Bring back the previous by-law for us that are responsible
1561M Bagnell
N2M 2H3 just another way to control and make more money bring back the previous by-law and let us enjoy our backyards like we are suppose too
1562Susanne VanderLoo
no permits!
1563Lisa Paff
Will add my name again as it's not showing and got delete. Am against having to pay for fire pits. we pay taxes. why should we pay for other peoples mistakes! N2E 2X1
1564Chariss Flint
I am a resident of Kitchener located at N2A2M7 and I oppose the new fire pit bylaw.
1565Brian Gehl
I oppose the new firepit bylaw, I reside in Kitchener at N2A2M7
1566Oliver Pavia
May the fire continue to burn!!!
N2P 2E4
1568This signature has been deleted.
1569karen swayze
108 Dekay st. Kit.N2h3t6
1570Curt Swayze
108 Dekay St. Kit.N2H3T6
1571Tim Mahn
1572John Van Schaik
Another example of too many bylaws. If we keep letting the city pass bylaws like this - then we are going to lose our freedom.
1573Scott and Rose
When was the last time you saw or heard of a Camp Ground burning down? 100's of fires, trees, dead leaves and cars - let freedom prevail once in a while
1574Gary Karges
Whatís next BBQs, smokers, and why not gas lawnmowers, Iím sure they bother some people. It appears this city council unfortunately lacks common sense, and for the mayor not requesting a consultant report, he must be slipping
1575Paul Barna
N2C 1Y3
Keep the fire!
1576John Van Schaik
Another example of too many bylaws like this. If we keep letting the city pass these types of bylaws - then we are going to lose our freedom.N2P 2L7
1577John Havran
Let the voice of the poeple stand tall we pay their wages
1578Bob Weiler
48 Barberry Place
Kitchener, ON
N2M 4H9
1579Monica Mahn
N2M 1K7 If council proceeds with these ridiculous new backyard fire restrictions, they need to be prepared to deal with other complaints the same way - BBQs, barking dogs, lawn mowers, shop vacs, playing children, noisy cars,... where will it end?
1580lisa parsons
1581Natalie Van Schaik
We love our firepit in the winter. We abide by the rules, we bundle up and come out and our son LOVES it. There's nothing like a fire in Canada in summer or winter!! Don't punish those who abide by the rules already!!! N2P 2L7
1582Jeff and Carolynn Daniel
N2A 4L6
1583Alisha Macedo
1584Angela Macedo
1585Karen Macedo
1586Greg Macedo
1587Brenda Mielke
the same people that are complaining about our firepits are the same ones who let their cats run free and poop in our yards
1588Casey Hoelscher
1589Sharon Newton
N2E 2J2
I am against changing the bylaws
1590Ron Berti
More political crap. What fee? I already paid my taxes.
1591Suzy Araujo
233 ridgemere CRT
Kitchener, Ontario
N2p 2v5
1592Chuck Dannecker
1593brock dannecker
1594Lee Anne Evans
1595whitley wolfe
1596Steve Neff
yes we are not little kids we can respectfully have fires on appropriate evenings, burn proper wood and practice safety with regards to these fires. The time spent around our fire is nothing short of fantastic with regard to human contact its important.
1597Andrew Woelk
Knee jerk reaction. Please put the sense back into the "common sense" in reaction to these complaints.
1598Andrew Woelk
36 Homewood Ave
please put the sense back into "common sense" in councils reaction to these complaints.
1599Heidi Sostaric
N2H 2B6
1600Oleg Shatalov
500 Hidden Creek Dr,
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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