1001Ryan Dunford
this cant happen, it is not hazardouz to anyone, dont take firepits away for the fact that it brings family's and friends together, dont u think we pay enough taxesn and what not already, total money grab.
1002Anne Reinhardt
N2N 1K8
I want be able to have a fire in my own backyard. MORE money I pay $4000.00 in property tax already. When will it stop? I don't want to pay to have a fire!
This is ridiculous... As long as people are responcible they should be allowed to have a controlled fire in their backyard.
1005Rob Cordell
N2N 1s9
1006Betty Gross
N2H 4E3
1007Darren Schmuck
1008Kelly Gross
1009Lisa Cowie
N2M 2H7
1010Neil Murray
N2B 2M3
Let's see .. the litle ones can spend a Saturday night glued to the TV or our socializing around a fire. Easy answer for me!
N2M 2G8
1013Amber Werner
N2R1V6 - With the cost of everything these days there is less and less that a family can do together without spending a fortune. Back yard fires bring family and friends together for a good time. Close your windows if you don't like the smoke.
1014Angela Myers
78 St. George St Kitchener N2G 2S9
1015Kailee Lawson
N2A 1X1
1016Tracy Fairless
1017Shannon seip
1018paul ernest
N2n 2r9
Shut the front door about that one
1019Christine Seip
1020Christine Seip
57 Westchester Drive Kitchener
This appears to be a money grab....we have the right to have a fire pit in our backyards. We pay taxes and do not require your micromanagement.
1021Ivan Horvat
N2A 2R6
1022Sharon Horvat
N2A 2R6
1023Krystal B
n2n 1z6 We have 4 kids and i tell you a campfire and tent is free in my back yard with marshmellows There isnt much free these days dont take it away from us
1024craig d
n2n 1z6
1025Marina Vujicic
N2A 4H9
1026Carrie Forler
N2K 1E8
1027Ilaina Martin
3 Reynolds Court, Kitchener
1028Dan Duesling
N2K 1E8
1029Jeremy Martin
3 Reynolds Court, Kitchener ON
1030Don Martin
N2K 1E8
1031Sheila Ransome
why would you want to stop fires in people backyear is a family event fun free for kids and family
n2a 2l8
1034Scott Charbonneau
What are people going to do with a lack of outdoor fun? Get into trouble !
1035Scott Charbonneau
N2K 1H1-what happens when people have less to do in their backyard? They get into trouble!
1036Andrew Mercer
N2M 4L3

This is beyond ridiculous. Thanks for organizing this.
N2E 1E5. NO!!! Our favorite family times are around our backyard fire pitt!. :(
1038Eric Larsen
1039Andy Shaw
N2M 4L4
1040Rudy Lorenski
useless bylaw,just a smokescreen to hide the real issues council can't deal with
1041Sheri Luke
1043Cheryl Limebeer
My family has enjoyed safe and respectful backyard fires for years. Please do not eliminate this inexpensive family pleasure.
1044Cheryl Limebeer
Sorry about forgetting to add postal code to my signature: N2E 2H1
1045Richard & Vicki Emrich
Let us enjoy our heavily taxed backyards councillors. Enough wasteful time and energy has gone into this govern or get out of the way.
1046This signature has been deleted.
1047Tyler Smith
N2K 4J8
Just another cash grab so the city can pay for the stupid Light rail system.
1048Karen Bird
N2M 3W4 Icook many family dinners over the open fire then enjoy the fire for the evening. It's a fun filled family event. I do not think City council should not steal $10.00 outta my pocket to pacifie the few complainers.
1049Paul Hicknell
1050Mavis Hicknell
N2P 2M1
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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