A small fire fit used with precautions and safety does no harm
1052Brad and Kathy Reinhart
You have alot of nerve to try and take that away from us as well. Our lives are becoming controlled by others. Let us enjoy. N2N 1Z2
1053Wendy MacIvor
1054John Thompson
n2b 2g2

what % do you need to counter act 80 people who complain and to allow Kit residents to have a fire
1055David Such
N2B3V5. They say that "the squeaky wheel gets the most grease". This is typical of city councel to change something because e few complain.
1056Courtney Diebold
N2R 0A9
1057Paul Hunter
City council has no business in our backyards. The majority of fire pits are fine. Don't ruin it for a few complainers.
1058Erin Moffat
1059Hilary McVicar
19-185 Morgan Ave
Kitchener, ON
1060Zachary Solomon
19-185 Morgan Ave
Kitchener, ON
1061Victoria Murko
We should be allowed to have fires in our own backyards whenever we choose! this is just another way for the government to money grab.
1062Victoria Murko
340 Traynor Ave
Kitchener, ON
1063Marg Vopni
N2R 1G5
1064Jim Vopni
N2R 1G5
1065Erik Vopni
N2R 1G5
1066Laura Vopni
N2R 1G5
1067Andy Vopni
N2R 1G5
1068Laura Pfanner
N2B 1Z8
1069Jon Rennie
N2B 1L8
1070Andrea Rennie
N2B 1L8
1071Silvana Miller
1072This signature has been deleted.
1073kirsten abrahamson
147 Margaret Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario N2H 4H8

Please respect the fact that we residents have a right to a few small pleasures in life without being "controlled" If we have a safe fire pit then there should be no reason to prevent us to make a small fir
1074Heather Anderson
1075Josh Hagen
1076Gary Pootz
1077Valerie Butler
Perhaps your focus should be on the people that are causing others to complain vs wrecking it for everyone else. People always have a reason to complain.
1078This signature has been deleted.
1079Frank Ruffolo
N2H 4P2
1080Bill Duncan
N2M 1G2
1081Becky Ruffolo
N2H 4P2
1082Elizabeth McMillan
40Jack Ave. Kitchener
N2M 1Z8
1083Harold McMillan
40 Jack Ave
1085Andrew Meyer
This bylaw amendment is nothing but a knee jerk reaction to a few complaints and a cash grab.
1086steve griffin
1087Andrew Meyer
N2A 3V3
1088Wendy Lambert
N2M 2H9
1089Randy Lambert
N2M 2H9
1090Chris Jackson
N2G 1S4
1091This signature has been deleted.
1092Helene McGraw
I agree with the time frame limit of 7pm-11pm.
1093Courtney Darville
1094Jaret Glowach
215 Misty Court
Kitchener On
1096William Peacock
1098Steve Brown
No regard for the numerous professionally built outdoor fireplaces in place, no regard for the majority..council bows to a vocal minority. If they enforce this as well as they do overnight parking, shouldn't be an issue though.
1099Bryan Hamilton N2N 3N2
Not everyone has a cottage or the ability to get away on weekends, we enjoy having fires in the concrete firepit and surrounding patio that I built to comply with existing rules and standards of 5 metres from any structures. sadly ridiculous new rules!
1100Jessica Rodriguez

this ban on firepits is WRONG
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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