851Sean Kelleher
N2H 4T7
852Grant Burns
N2E 2R8
853Joanne Wade
common sense should prevail but there should be some way to stop the abuse of a privilege rather than punishing all.
854Jason M
I can understand the distance. But donít we already pay enough taxes? What would the money be going towards? Certainly not our inferior roads. N2E 0B5
855Jelena Marković
There is no reason to punish everyone for the misbehavior of few
856Joanne Wade
N2N 2K6
857Brad Schroeder
N2B 2L6
858Nancy Hoch
31 Appalachian Cresc
Kitchener ON N2E 1A3

859Deb Cormier
Smoke and fire from firepits has been deemed dangerous to your neighbours' health and well being, however, for $10 City Council concedes that it is safe 6 times.Give me a break!!!
861kim grice
N2A 1R9
I moved to Kitchener INSTEAD of Waterloo for the purpose of having bonfires, you can't take this away, its a time to connect with friends and neighbours.
862jason koch
N2a 1r9
863Valentina Bojic Graf
Please don't do this.
864S K B - N2A 4M9
Totally opposed - Stop hurting the masses by catering to the few. 6 fires @ $10 per household = CASH GRAB!! Plus, that really doesn't address the so-called 'health issues' that these few people complained about. Don't be stupid, don't take away our rights!
865Christine Boyd
866Cassandra Sheppard
867Christine Boyd
N2G 2Z9
868Ken Paquette
N2G 2Z9
869Elise Weekes
870Matt Lavergne
Restrictions off back yard fire pits is taking away a persons right to use the back yard as they see fit. This is a silly and shortsighted decision.
871Cindy McLean
872Chris Stavropoulos
N2P 2L7
873Lee T
I don't mind extra safety measures. I hate to see the cash grab going up. I believe we pay enough as it is.
874Maria Loucks
It is wrong for a fee to be charged and unfair to the majority of people who have been responsible. This impacts on quality family time.
875Matt Lavergne
Adding my address. Stealing my FirePit is a crime against my rights to use my back yard. 72 calls is nothing compared to the already 870+ signatures here.

Matt Lavergne
39 Cedar St N
Kitchener, On
N2H 2W7
876Pauline Moon
I am a native here and I use the fire pit in my yard for ceremonies and also pleasure, this is the native peoples land and we have a right to have our fires in a secure firepit in our yards and this should not be taken away.
877Erin Clark
878Alex Clark
879Erik Erwin
69 Penelope drive, Kitchener
880Jeremy Clark
N2a2r3 - we use our fire pit to cook most of our food, with a grill that fits over it we cook steak, burgers, chicken ect. You trying to tell me I can only cook 6 times a year now and I have to pay??? I don't think so!
881Maria Wirth
N2H 5L8
882Florence Reid
N2A 1T8 -This is rediculous. Having a campfire in my backyard is such a bonding time for me and my family. My children always stay home when I have a fire and we talk for hours. Lots of smoke from inside fireplaces too, is that next to be removed??
883Karolyn Fournier
Respect and responsibility between neighbours. Please don't let a small percentage of irresponsible folks ruin summer family and friend time for the rest of us! Postal code N2N 2C3
884Dave Keeping
I think we should keep the backyard pits. I had one for long time and never got a complant.
885Cheryl Greene
I understand the problem but not the solution.. I get that a fire should be after a certain time , but to charge per fire is rediculas.. A permit should be for the whole season not per fire.. If there are complaints call them in , deal with each individual
886dave Keeping
Glasgow Street Kitchener
887Ian P
educate the public on proper fire techniques! Burning hard, dry wood reduces smoke substantially. i've spend a lot of money landscaping my patio to have a proper good looking, functional fire pit.
888Nicole Mcfatridge
39 Carwood Cres.
889Mary Lou Thompson
My neighbour's cigarette smoke drifts over sometimes. That bothers me more than a wood fire.
N2B 3V5
890Jeff Halloran
I think this is wrong! N2E 4C9
891Ben Cruickshank
N2H 4B8
892Angela Kurz
N2E1C3-....Now we should pay to have some nice quality family time in our OWN backyard....This is ridicolous...
893Heidi emery
N2n 1c7
894Jeff W
895Trudy Pollock
N2N 3C5
896Brett Wehrle
Last I checked, .04% is a statistical correction.
897Brett Wehrle
sorry, meant to include...N2N 2C2
898Dave Kirby
899Matt Rohrbacher
There is no need to regulate EVERYTHING! Let's keep the fires AND keep it safe!
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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