1601Gord Kelloway
Fine the stupid and leave the rest of us alone! N2E 3H4
1602Diana Murdoch
Democracy! The number of citizens who want to enjoy a backyard fire FAR outnumber the complainants. Let's be sensible. Adelaide St. Kitchener, N2M 2B6
1603Kimberly VanderLoo
Either allow them with reasonable limitations,or ban them. Don't make it a money grab! And more cost to tax payers. N2H 5J6
1604Syke VanderLoo
It is terribly sad that the city can ban us from enjoying our own property. There is not much families can do cost free. How dare you try and take that. Those seeking a ban need to find better things to do.
1605K Holdaway
N2N 3N1
1606Syke VanderLoo
n2e3r9 Hackberry st, kitchener
1607Amber Meulenbelt
N2K 1A2
1608Jim Cowman
N2E 3C8
1609Patricia Elgie
1610J Dautner
ATTN city officials... Keep your hands off my fire pit...Its HOT!
1611Michael Koch
Leave it be city councel NO FEES!! I pay enough taxes
1612Kyle Gagne
1613Michael Koch
OK N2H 2C1 Why would I care if I wasn't a resident??
1614C Gaal
Let us have our right to have safe backyard fire pits....I think that we already pay enough in taxes to cover your $10 fee.
1615R. Gaal
Why punish all of us...if someone has a dangerous or smokey fire they should be dealt with as individuals.
1616Dave Thomson
N2P 2K4
1617Tom Platt
N2E 3P3. Why not just apply an age/young people adult accompany rule for residential fire burning. Under 18 must be accompanied by adult etc
1618Mike VanderLoo
Maybe you should ask people to get a permit for lighting up their cigarettes and walking in front of my house or sitting in my neighbour's backyard. Better yet what about people's fireplace in the house which I smell as well? Just about as ridiculous!
1619Evelyn Bertoncello
81 grand river blvd
Kitchener ont
N2a 2t3
1620Brianna Leonard
N2R 1Y8
We love having a nice small fire from spring/fall with our neighbours - It's great way to spend an evening during the summer.
1621Heather McLaughlin
Each complaint should be looked into and the solution should not be a ban for all.
1622This signature has been deleted.
1623Ken M
I am in favour of fire pits without having to obtain permits. The city can create bylaws for the use of fire pits and police the people that abuse good sense. Please DON'T punish everyone for a few bad apples N2B 2X9
1624James Villeneuve
Obviously they do not enjoy an evening fire themselves. Too busy making up by-laws to spoil the fun of others!!
1625Paul Colbourne
N2A 2M7
1626Patti and Al Fries
Please leave things alone and stop painting us all with broad brushstrokes, most of us are responsible adults. 33 Oxford Street, Kitchener
1627Gina Colbourne
1628This signature has been deleted.
1629Roger Schricker
just another bunch of self rightious clowns wanting to pester thier neighbours because they have no life.
1630Carolyn Gehl
1631Christine Haller
N2H 5V4
1632donna snider
what is it going to be next.. a charge for a barbecue or for a home fire place
1633Kelley Schell
we enjoy our "controlled" fire pit in the summer - I am not paying $10.00 for that priveledge
1634This signature has been deleted.
1635Danielle Roias
This bylaw is just plain silly. 80 complaints...give me a break! N2P2E4
1636This signature has been deleted.
1637Sue Taylor
19 forest cr dr
1638Randy Fahr
1639Carolyn Gehl
N2M 3M1
1640This signature has been deleted.
1641Bruce Miller
19 Forest Creek
1642Gordon Hatt
151 Wellington St. North, Kitchener, ON N2H 5J9
1643Lise Egerdeen
36 Craig Drive Kitchener On N2B2J3
1644Laurie Dusseault
1645pat brooke
not fair not hurting anybody
232 Traynor Ave
kitchener,onn2c 1w6
Please keep law as is
1647Frank Sonser
Money Grab. Shame on you. N2N 2H1
1648Ken Fields
if they really want to reduce pollution,close fast food drive thru,s on smog days.
1649Dean Kirby
There has to be more pressing issues then backyard fires or BBQ over an open pit. The fact that local government wants $10.00 is another form of tax. When will this stop. Next will be a party tax or if I wash my car tax. Get out of my pocket!
1650Dean Kirby
10 MacIntosh pl, Kitchener N2R1e1
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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