1751Kim Sidle
I think the proposed bylaw for campfires is another Money grab from city and also maybe too hard to police as there are real crimes going on in this city.
1752This signature has been deleted.
1753Jody Markovic
1754Eric Gottfried
Please continue to allow back yard fires
1755Sarah Cooper
N2R 1X8
Please allow backyard campfires!
1756Heidi Gottfried
Please ALLOW again it is a great time to spend with the family, in a busy life.
1757Luca Peveroni
1758This signature has been deleted.
1759Patty Metz
1760Eric Gottfried
N2H 2G1
1761Travis Rogers
Stop the fire ban it's stupid!
1762Tate Normandin
N2m 2h9
1763Arpita Patel
N2M 0A2
1764Tim Mitchell
242 Bankside Drive

As mentioned by many others, this is less than one percent of the population that is changing the by-law when the vast majority of persons who responsibly use fire pits will be penalized by having to pay for the right to enjoy a fire.
1765john sokolowski
N2M2K6. Sitting outside having a fire is so relaxing!
1766Wanda Newton
80 compliants does not control the rest of the population. .This is just another money grab to line someones pockets.How ever voted for this I hope you are happy being a hero to 80 people and a foe to thousand. See you next election N2M 3N7
1767Luis Machado
1768Julie McIntyre
10 Churchill St, Waterloo, ON
1769This signature has been deleted.
1770A Witkowski
N1E 3R3
N2E 3R3
1772Kimberley McPherson
1773Elsa McPherson
1774Robin Heywood
1775Lonnie Heywood
n2p 1b9
1776Cynthia Maksym
N2R 1L4
1777Orest Maksym
N2R 1L4
1778Laura Krische
1779Dana Sadler
N2M 5M1
1780This signature has been deleted.
1781Rick Humphreys
N2P 1Y3
1782Michelle Peters
1783Ernie Neufeld
1784This signature has been deleted.
1785Sonja Christensen
1786Tracy McPherson
204 Westheights Dr
Kitchener On N2N 1J9
1787Ross Baker
N2M 3S9
1788Harmony Smith
N2N 1S4
1789Kelly Wamil
1790Julia Huebner
N2K 1S3
1791Ted Russell
N2K 1S3
1792damon ledrew
I have built a firepit in my back yard a great expence and to say now that we can not have fires when we want is rediculas.
1793Kayleigh LeBlanc
N1E 3T2
1794Trevor Shaw
165 Selkirk Drive
Kitchener, On
N2E 1M5
1795Eddie wamil
I have a garden hose right beside me at all times.I can't aford a car since I can't find a job ,so if I can't take my kids to the beach or camping I love doing it at home in my own backyard ,to make my family happy...THANK YOU...
N2K 4H9

Please do NOT move forward with bylaw changes firepit usage on our own property.
Give us our fires back!
1798Alex Wigboldus
The disallowing of a fire pit in your own yard is not only wrong but utterly retarded. Especially if you think we should pay to do so. The police have enough to do than break up quiet get togethers, because they have a fire.
1799Kim Davison
We enjoy our backyard firepit and follow all the legal regulations in doing so.

Postal Code:
N2H 3L3
1800Michael Engler
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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