1451Bryan Langbein
I am against this new bylaw. N2H4W4
1452C L Wenzel
I am against the new bylaw proposal.
1453K Wenzel
I am against the new bylaw proposal.
1454Kevin Schmalz
The current bylaw has all the teeth necessary to deal with any issues. Equal consideration of neighbours is important including those who have issues with smoke/firepits. Perhaps only a manufactured firepit would limit the size and common sense, courtesy should prevail.
1455melissa duncan
It is our right to have safe fires in our own backyards. Just because some ppl are irresponsible and careless should not affect everyone else who actually abide by the rules. Some ppl love to complain!! Fires are therapeutic for anxiety
1456Kim Lebrun
I am against this new bylaw proposal.
1457This signature has been deleted.
1458This signature has been deleted.
1459Aurel Jr Lebrun
N2C 1Z6
1460K Russell
N2H 2E9 I am against the new bylaw proposal. This is just another cash grab. We should be able to do whatever we want in our own backyards. After all don't we pay property tax???
1461S Graham
Please do not ban the family time we enjoy Keep the firepits! N2A 4J3
1462Rob W.
N2G 3B6
1463Guy Maltby
I am against this and don't even start with the air quality issue unless you are prepared to ban lawn mowers , single people in vehicles and smoking city buses
1464This signature has been deleted.
1465Chantal Stieler
602 Brittania Cr.
Kitchener N2R 0B1
1466Mary Ross
Please do not ban firepits. They are fun and relaxing and good for families who cannot get out of town to enjoy campfires.
1467allana barry
Strongly against new bylaw!!
1468Brad Churchill
The current bye law is fine. As a firefighter most responses are due to noise or a few people burning when and what they shouldn't be. Neighbour disputes are normally the real issue. Smoke from ordinary combustibles on a non windy or smog day dissipate.
1469Brad Churchill
22 Doonbrook place Kitchener . Lots of good info and assistance if required. Good luck! How about a 1 time urban burn permit $20. if you violate take it away.
1470Deb & Brad Soehner
I can understand issues with postage stamp properties and out of control fires and burning of noxious substances to be concerning, however any issues with responsible adults having a backyard fire within bilaw restrictions should be allowed to continue.
1471Gail Taylor
N2P 1R2
6 fires at $10 each! Less than 1 fire per weekend and what does the $10 fee support? The permit would be wasted for us if the wind takes the smoke to a neighbour's house, we check by lighting paper 1st. "BAN the BAN"
1472Sue Benoit
Yes we are responsible people!
1473Dale Paff
N2E2X1 As the fireman early stated,most complaints are due to spiteful neighbors! I agree! Don't let a minority ruin some great family enjoyment! stated before, leave the by-law the original way it was. Sounds like the fee is a cash grab to me!
1474Mark Smith
N2G 2T2
1475Leanne Hughes
1476Carl Dulle
1477Christa Haughey
1478Christa Haughey
115 Manchester Rd
Kitchener On
1479Emmanuel Brown
1480Kyle Solie
115 Manchester Rd
Kitchener On
1481Sydney Haughey
115 Manchester Rd
Kitchener On
1482Kevin Haughey
115Manchester Rd
Kitchener On
1483Mike Armstrong
1484Mike Armstrong
N2E 1P1
1485Bob Geldart
N2H-3N6 I would be willing to bet for a lot of these people this isn't the first issue they have had with their neigbhours and it will not be the last. Charge the speeder, don't ban driving.
1486Pam Geldart
Back yard fires are enjoyable for those of us who don't go camping or to the cottage on the weekend. It is a nice way to spend time with family and friends. As long as you are not inconsiderate I don't see any problem with back yard fires.
1487Lisa Paff
N2E 2X1, I don't agree with the new proposed bylaw. We pay taxes and should be able to have fires,why pay more to enjoy our property!
I don't agree with pay more for enjoying our property, if your doing fire pits what's next fire places in homes?
60A Montcalm dr.
address: N2H4C5
1490Andrea Massel
1491James Hollinger
This is nothing more than a money grab by our city. You aren't stopping the people from careless burning, your only making us all pay a fee for it. Nowhere in the amendment did I see a spark retardant cover must be used. The careless people are the ones ha
1492This signature has been deleted.
1493Brian Walker
1494Darryl La haie
Postal Code: N2N 0A3
Cash grab that is all this is. City of Kitchener why waste time having to write these permits out when you did not have to do this before. Keep things the way they are so that families are able to spend time within the comforts of their own homes/backyards.
1495Meagan Manion
N2H 3M2 - this is terrible, the people that were on the news and in the record live behind my house. GO INSIDE OR CLOSE YOUR DAMN WINDOWS

money grab
1496Adrian Weerheim
I live in the same district as my son and although I do not do pit fires I agree with the petition...just greed on the part of the city...AW
1497Ian Graham
Zehr... It's time for you to move on. After years of dealing with your crap when you supported Manulife jack hammering/construction at all hours in our neighborhood and the coal tar fiasco, this fire pit law has to be the ultimate low. And $10?!?! WTF!!!!
1498Peter Beyerle
nanny states are getting out of hand
1499This signature has been deleted.
1500Heidi Ramseyer
It would be nice to set rules that reflect that the vast majority that follows them and not to let the few bad apples spoil it for everyone else.
Fine those that break the existing bylaw. The $10 per fire results in very expensive smores!

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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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