2101Page Krall
2102David Young
2103Amy Milne
N2N 1H6
2104benjamin milne
Fires is a great cheap why the enjoy time with ur family
2105sheila hooton
Postal code is n2a 4j4
2106Brandon young
Not a great idea we r Canadians and we deserve to have fires ;)
2107Robert krall
N2h 1R9
when a minority dictaties over a magority its called a dictatership !!!!
2108This signature has been deleted.
2109Darryl Evens
N2T 1G3
2110Brandon Schell
2111Elwone Partridge
N2R 1W4
2112Sherry Contreras
This should be at people own decision's. If they are safe why not??!
2113Denise Moher
N2H 1S8
2115Ted Sornberger
2116Wendy Caccavelli
N2M 3L9 Kitchener

'keep the fires burning!!'
2117Helena Szumilas
N2H 6T7
2118Tamara Blake
2119Bins Vijayan
2120Terry Ward
Its an outrage! I want to have a choice. I am Candaian!
2121Preya Tobicoe
My dad really enjoys backyard campfires. If you tax him an my mom to death how can I enjoy this god given human right when I get older. N2M 5E8
2122wendie purdy
The people who are miserable, let the people who are happy be happy and let us enjoy the little things in life, like a backyard fire for our kids to roast weiners and marshmellows
2125jennifer devries
n2n 2y1 28 summerhill cre kit on
2126jennifer devries
i pay too much money for MY HOME I OWN we deserve to have a fire bad enough i cant have a clothes line!!!!!
2127David Willard
2128Gerry Kelly
164 Southwood Dr
N2E 2R6
2129Justin Ko
N2E 3Z2
2130Lorraine Krall
42 Gracefeild cres Kit. Ont N2E-1r9
2131D. Dempsey
2132Daniel Jou
Agree and support the motion to remove the new law
2133D. Dempsey

186 Selkirk Dr
2134Claudette McGraw
2135Tracy Barrette
We recently moved our family of 5 OUT of a newer subdivision and into an older neighbourhood, one of the main reasons was so that we could have a larger yard, big enough to have family fun such as firepit nights together. In a world where most families are
2136Tracy Barrette
sorry, my address is Monterey Crescent N2B 1V5
2137Jared Hickey
2139malgorzata kalenik
N2E 3P3
2140This signature has been deleted.
2141Maureen O
Kitchener has enough bylaws! I want to be able to have an outdorr fire when I wish not when council says I can. N2N 1C4
2142Joanne Huggins
406 Karn Street Kitchener on
2143heather braida
N2r 1v2. I live in kitchener and love having a backyard fire
2144Andja Lucic
2145Jay Cronkwright
It's completely ridiculous that a hand full of people can dictate how the rest of our enjoy our property. 80 Monterey Cres. Kitchener. Of these 80 complaint how many were from the same people with inconciderate neighbours. We already have a bylaw that cove
2146Rosalynn Cressman
The old by-laws worked just fine. No permits required. How many more taxes do we need to pay to have rights in our own backyards? Enough already!
2147Cathy Cassell
108-180 Brybeck Crescent
Kitchener, ON
N2M 5H5
2148K Ryan
Do not change firepit bylaws, just enforce the existing rules!! We want to keep enjoying fires in our own back yard.
2149Jamie Rueffer
2150Rosalynn Cressman
N2M 3N3 The old by-laws worked just fine. How much more should a person pay to have rights in our own back yards?!
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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