151Martin Laforest
152Nick Whitney
What is this ??
153Heather Wright
N2N 3L8
154Raisa Galeano
They should have no right to punish everyone who enjoys a fire on their own property. Most residents of Kitchener do have fires that are both enjoyable and not a nuisance to their nieghbors. Whats next? Banning drinking and bbq on your own property?
155Raisa Galeano
N2K 1A6
156Josh Freiburger
N2K 1A5
157Dianne Speaker
33 Rauch Court, N2N 3C7
by adding name and address are the fire department going to come out now and snuff us out
159Dave elgie
I love backyard fires and have never had any complaints. The cIty will waste more money enforcing than they will make on the permits! N2m 3j4
160linda batovanja
161Chris Whitney
N2A 1T1
162Bill McBay
In force noise bylaws and nuisance bylaws, not fire bylaws. Those two should trump everything and would allow those who have tame, clean burning fires the ability to share some family time on the weekends.
163peter battista
Stop this cash grab, people can close their windows and stop being such stick in the muds.
150 Diamler Ave, Kitchener
164Brittany E
165Andrew Bowman
N2K 3B4
166Beth L
I don't think this ammendment is totally necessary. I thinkn it's fine to have a time frame for fires, but not a limit on number, nor a price.
167Jane Sherk
N2g 2H9
This ban is ridiculous
N2P 1V3
169Diane Nunnikhoven
N2M 5A5
170This signature has been deleted.
this is so stupid! what about all the people who are allergic too grass? are you guys going too ban that too?!?!?! oh and 10 bucks for a permit? are you ****tin me?
N2K 1A5
172Julie Flaro
173Jennifer Muir
N2H 6A3
$10 and only 6 times a year...are we turning into Waterloo now with their street parking by-law?
Keep Kitchener awesome and reverse this amendment!
174George Treffry
this certainly sounds like another cash grab> do we not have By-Law Enforcement Officers to check out complaints, no it is just easier to ban all and make it a CASH GRAB !!!!
N2E 4A7
Terrible cash grab. Such a small number of complaints, let us keep our firepits!
176Tracy Jsmins
N2A 3M6

Backyard fires bring families and neighbours together in a natural way. as long as people are responsible. Permits are a cash grab and who will monitor? The Fire Dept? Bylaw? The city will need to budget more money for these folks to monitor and
So few complaints for the amount of fires people in Kitchener each year. Clearly the majority of the complaints are from feuding neighbors. PLEASE DON'T RESTRICT US TO 6 FIRES EACH YEAR!!!!!

N2E 3B8. Clearly our ward councillor doesn't realize how many people have fires in this neighbourhood. This is simply unfair to those of us who spend family time having a fire on some weekends.
179Alison Wilhelm
N2E 3B8 Fire pit ban....REALLY???? That is just dumb.
180Daniela MacDonald
77 Old Country Dr, Kitchener, ON N2E 1S4
181Sarah Wheeler
N2M 3P9
182Sarah Wheeler
N2M 3P9
183Samantha Green
N2N 1W3
This bylaw is Bs,
185Brian Rupert
Always someone that has to complain. Where do I complain about the people complaining? N2P2T9
N2h4b2, Kitchener Ontario
187Mike Arbour
Fire pits are safe and fun if everyone is being responsible about it. Smoke polution is no different then cars, cigarettes and other more dangerous and legal activites.
188Jeff Kleist
190Kimberly Adams
This bylaw is ridiculous! Fires Should be allowed provided they are safe. I am allergic to grass - are you going to out-law that too?
191Darren Ellis
this is a cash grab, and rediculous.
192K adams
193Jane Fish
135 Champlain Cres, Kitchener.

Ridiculous by-law.
194Mark Ginter
135 Champlain Cres Kitchener
195Shane Hofkamp
I thinks its terrible. Fires are a big part of the Canadian culture! Shame that the city feels the need to react on befalf of a select few when clearly the majority of the people who are able to own a home and pay their share of property tax's
196Laurie Ellis
197Kirk Sinclair
I am against this bylaw change. Fire pits should be allowed without ridiculous limits and fees being charged.
198Christie Bolt
We have never received a complaint! This is a great way to enjoy the city, don't take the likes of people to accommodate a few! N2m 4a4
200celia valente
23 hollyridge cres,
Kitchener, on n2n 3l8.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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