401Ashley Hanlon
I think it's ridiculous to ban firepits because a handful of people have complained. I'm very allergic to grass, yet you don't see me trying to ban other people from mowing the lawn! N2E 1E1
402Henry Rasmussen
N2G1M9. What bothers me more than anything that policy and by-laws can be set by less than 100 emails.I have lived in K=W for over 50 years and have never heard or encountered a problem with backyard fires until now.
403Murray Soehner
Keep the home firepits
404Rob Drimmie
I haven't had a fire in my backyard for over 5 years, but very strongly disagree that the current bylaws should change.
405Paige McNaughton
Allowing Kitchener residences to have the freedom of having a nice Bon fire with their families, will make for happier citizens.
406Chris A
Safety is one thing, but this seems like a money grab for the city, awful. N2E 4B4
407Andrew Coppolino
Back off, City.
408Lisa Jones
360 Guelph St
Kitchener N2H5X5
409James Edmond
N2C 1Y3
410Paige McNaughton
521 Windflower cr. Kitchener ON N2E 3T2
Please allow the residences of Kitchener the freedom to have a bon fire in their backyard.
411Tanya Huber
Hi There,
My child who is 10 years old was looking foward to an end of the year party ending with a campfire. Now, the mother emailed me to say we can not have it. Thanks so much for letting him down!
412stacey elker-pilgrim
n2n1c8. i love my fire pit its nice to sit around with family and friends! I am responsible with the fire pit.
413brian pilgrim
keep our fire pit! its a nice past time. friends and family spending time together! no more by-law!
414Trena Garland
Kitchener N2H6J3
415Ximena Druar
416Matt Kendrick
N2G 1T9
417Carrie McNabb
N2M 3Z5
Don't make Waterloo's restrictive by-laws, our by-laws. There are so many reasons that Kitchener is better than Waterloo and the ability to have fire pits is one of them.
418Jackie Herrgott
419David R Nafziger
I think maybe it is a good idea for the by-law officers to crack down on the offenders, and leave the quiet ones to enjoy their little fires.
420Nancy Wheeler
How is paying for a permit addressing the complaints? Easy answer, it doesn't. It's an excuse to put a tax on already taxed land if we want to enjoy our backyard fireplace.
421carla messenger
113 edmucnd road kitchener ontario
422Melanie Gale
N2E1H6 -
423Angela Parish
N2P 2L6
I agree, 80 complaints and the whole city suffers-this is SO wrong!!
424Cheryl Hopp
Definately a knee jerk move and not acceptable. We who are responsible are unfairly being treated guilty for the inconsiderate few!! Punish them individually! Seriously this is rediculously absurd measures!! Be more careful who we vote for in the future!!
425Chris Moonen
This is a fun and enjoyable outdoor social item. It was fine the way it was, just enforce the (old) existing law better. The new law wont change half of the complaints as the violators will break the new law as well. N2C 1V9
427David Yoon
Responsible use of firepits should remain a viable pleasure for Kitchener residents.
N2A 1L4
428Melissa Battler
521 windflower cres
n2e 3t2
430Jessica pearce
114 Waterloo st, Kitchener
431Bernadette Cormier
How do I explain to my children that the city won't allow anymore backyard fires with their friends unless we pay them?
432James Howe
I can understand the restrictions in when firepits can be used but requiring a licence and limiting the number of fires goes too far. It's a bylaw that is unenforceable.
433This signature has been deleted.
434Judah Oudshoorn
N2M 1K1
435Jake richards
436Judy S
N2C 1E9
437Cheryl Hopp
125 Bosworth Cres n2e 1y9
438Gerry Hartman
N2M 3J6. Why not hold a referendum for ALL citizens input?
Less than 100 out of 200,000 + and this is democracy??

439Jim O'Kane
162 Mountain Laurel Cress Kitchener, ON N2E 3T9
441Jim O'Kane
Aberdeen Rd. Kitchener
442Alison F
N2R 1B5
443Jim Lahey
Here to support B.P.G
N2K 1A7
444Rob Nowak
18 Brandy cres,
445Tom Slaby
Just another money grabber
446Alistair Bleeck
N2H 1Y7
447Sandra Wynn
family & friends over for a bbq -campfire. We are not using hydro or gas - burning clean wood,having a good time. How about those people who set off fireworks on the trail behind my home aiming towards the houses...
448Bryan Leis
N2E 2E2
449Rory Wynn
Sandy & I both live at N2A 2R3 & love our campfires occasionally with family and friends. Get the ppl not pick up dog waste! Let us be green! Burning wood - no hydro usage.
450Ryan Bianchi
N2H 5M9
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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