351Jane Kains
N2A 1V8
352This signature has been deleted.
354Ken Thornton
N2E 1G9
$60/year for 6 fires max? I don't think so. Fire at my place tonight. BYO roasting sticks!!
355Becky Arruda
356Jeff Arruda
357Shannon Broekhoven
N2L 3K8
Cash grab. There are already enough regulations, this is unnecessary and will only increase the number of people who break these ridiculous rules.
358Nancy Backman
164 Newbury Drive, Kitchener, ON N2N 2N8
359Kyle Grey
406 Duke St W
360sue heidlinger
84 Kilkerran Cres N2R 1B9
361Dana Hanlon
N2E 0A3
362nicole buller
We need our backyard fires! There is nothing wrong with having a fire at all!! As long as people r responsible its fine! Fires brings people family and friends together! We enjoy fires with our kids and gives us a chance to talk to them about stuff!!
363Danielle Kraftchick
364Katie Morse
131 Traynor Ave kitchener ON N2C 2M8
365Ellen & Peter Kraftchick
N2A1R7 - not a dble signature, there is 3 properties together
1381 Countrystone Dr Waterloo, On
367clifford marshall
77 Edmund rd.
368Julie Warren
N2R 1T8 We have 2-3 fires a week. There are far bigger problems in this city to worry about then a small backyard campfire. I would rather my kids in my backyard then down town.
369Christina Da Silva
N2C 0A8
370Micheal Vieira
N2C 0A8
371Brian Widdifield
A ban (or fee for permits) is going way too far. I am signing this because I'd like to see a REASONABLE solution - maybe a frequency limit, such as 1/week. This would be similar to water bans, and addresses the real issue: excessive backyard fires
372Sandra Davidson
N2C 0A8
373Rich Paquette
N2R 1T8
374Mike Degen
1381 Countrystone drive
Kitchener, Ont
N2N 3R8
375Erinne Vargas
N2C 0A8
376Monica Suljovic
Such a money grab.
377Micheal Robbins
N1R 5S5
378This signature has been deleted.
379Laura Anderson
Keep the bylaw the way it was. We enjoy having a spur of the moment campfire with friends to roast marshmellows and hot-dogs, we don't want to have to worry about obtaining a permit when we don't know specifics on when we are having a campfire. Thanks.
380Tina Soundy
74 Old Park lane N2N2J8
381Shannon Douglas
N2M 3S2
I thought we lived in a democratic society. Apparently not and that is the real shame. our family loves our fire pit!
382C. Moniz
383Marcie Reycraft
N2P 2V5
384David Y
This is a cash grab. If people call and complain, and the complaint is justified, i.e. excess smoke, endangering the surroundings, then there is already a bylaw that should be enforced. If the complaint comes from an unsocial neighbour and is unjustified then the bylaw officer should ticket the habitual complainers.
385Ben Fierling
N1R 5P2 - I hope Tri-City residents will be able to continue to enjoy this quality family activity. I'd rather my child sit around the fire than in front of the TV.
386This signature has been deleted.
387Caleub House
75 Uxbridge Crescent. Kitchener, ON
N2E 2S2
388John Hart
NONE of my neighbours have ever complained about us having backyard fires. Believe it or not, our neighbour is actually a woodworker and gives us his scrap to burn on a regular basis. N2R 1B5
389Frank Vinski
390Lynnet Peters
No more by-laws. Leave us alone
391Lisa Altman
N2P 1R2
392Steve Altman
N2P 1R2
N2M 1R2
Simply another government money grab. As if people are going to line up and buy a permit before every campfire. Sometimes it is a spontaneous family moment when we decide to sit around together (not in front of the TV) actually be outside.
394Ricky Muise
what a cash grab so typical
allow them in waterloo too.
396Samantha Yearwood-Broz
397Dave Merchant
$10/fire! Give me a break. What's wrong with common sense and simply talking to your neighbours if there is an issue. Better yet, invite them to the fire and have some fun.
398Sharon Strassburger
What happened to a democratic society? Why a $10 fee and why does that dictate 6 fires per year? Did someone just pull that number out of a hat? We pay taxes and our family enjoys our backyard firepot...responsibly I might add!!!
399Samantha Yearwood-Broz
N3H 4L8
400Darryl A
N2E 3T9 The rights of the many are being outweighed by the rights of the few. This started as an issue between neighbours, and has resulted in a bylaw change. The existing bylaw had enough clout to deal with the issue. I will not vote for Galloway again.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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