801David Kiff
122 Donald St.
Kitchener, ON N2B 3G*
802Linda Juodvalkis
803Tayler Hill
wendy cres kitchener.

they always talk about wanting kids to get out of the house more instead of sitting inside playing video game then they go and ban one of the most relaxing things we have to do outdoors. Stupid if you dont like the smoke close your w
804Ann Taylor
19 Belmont Ave. West Kitchener On N2M 1l2
Thanks again for the awful representation of the people that voted you into office, we obviously have no say in the matter. After having to pay city staff parking for yet another year you now want us to pay $10.00
805k king
N0B 1M0
806Ann Taylor
I ran out of room so this is a continuation of my prior comments.
for lighting a bonfire. Get to the real issues of running our city and earn your pay cheques.
807Meagan Doerner
N2A 1X1
808Lorinda Gale
N2M3Y5 - The city should be spending their time and money on things that are important.
809Renata Hill
Sorry! Please delete my previous signature (line 59)...forgot to add my address:

10 Putnam Place
Kitchener N2N 1N9
810Michael Murray
N2N 1C5
811Tom Doerner
Don't adjust laws to satisfy one crazy taxpayer.
812Jennifer Mackie
813George Kirkaldie
N2M 3T4
814Laurie Minor
106 Metzloff Dr
Kitchener, ON
N2M 1Z3
815Tyler Doerner
the wants of a few do not out weigh the wants of the many
816Kelly Cocks
105 Russel St
Kitchener ON N2M3T6
817Cynthia Carr
it is stupid, we should be able to have as many fires as we want on our own property
818Connie Blackburn
this is crazy - we shouldn't have to pay OR get a permit for a fire. What a money grab for the city!
819Karen Morgan-Bowyer
820Kim Burrows
Limiting times is more than enough. To have to pay now... useless!
821Richard Burrows
I do not have a firepit, but love to smell a fire burning!
822Jacqui Alac
N2K 1N5
823Lauren Judge
824Jan van der Velden
N2K 1R2 -- how does paying a firepit fee have any impact? Sounds like a moneymaking scheme by the city.
Another way to make money from people
827Sheri Thacker
828T.J. Muir
Summer just isn't summer without having outdoor fires in Kitchener. I say NO to council's restrictions/bans on fire pits.
829Lori La Rose
830Erin Wendt
N2G 2Z4
831Lisa Kugler
832Rob Burt
N2E 1E8
834Caitlin Quinn
N2E 2R8
People that want to have fire pit's have the right to enjoy their back yard too, we shouldn't have to pay for a permit we pay enough money in taxes etc.
835Connie Blackburn
34 Catalina Crt
Kitchener ON N2M 5L9
836Ferdinand Seidel
837chrissy hatch
838Patrick McMahon
839Tamie Coleman
840Aaron Forest
N2L 6R3
841mike byrne
79 forestglen cres kitchener
842Kyle Dell
N2L 1Z3
843Kohulan Mahadeva
844Paul McNamara
845Richard Bettridge
58 glasgow st, kitchener.
Put it back the way it was. Stop money sucking at every moment. Our government no longer works for us. We work for it.
847Kevin Maguire
848Bob Wismer
N2N 3J6
849Barbara Kains
35-2705 Kingsway Dr. Kitchener
N2H 4J3

Keep the fire-pits, but don't burn grass and yard waste; dry wood only. You will get a visit from the fire dep't if you do.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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