1201Kyle Devitt
817 Queen's Blvd. Kitchener N2M 1A6
1202Lori Price
341 Guelph St. Kitchener, N2H5X3

I think that this new bylaw is wrong - the majority of people are neither complaining or abusing. I feel like the fee is money grab. I would pay something for the season, but I think that is a ridiculous amount per fire
1203Rita Hehn
N2G4T8 I see nothing wrong with firepits. It brings people together.
1204Julie Gasparini
1205Alicia Dyer
This is completely unfair to the majority of us who respect others. To even expand the distance to 6 meters is eliminating fires from most family homes. This is unfair and completely unacceptable! N2M 2A6
1206Dennis Dechert
N2E2R3 Seems like overkill.
1207lee and mike
1208Donna Dechert
N2E2R3 relaxing way to end a hectic day
1209malorie ross
1210leanne stanovie
1211Loreta Corless
Just ridiculous! I cannot understand the mentality of a few individuals who want to deny so many of their neighbours, friends and family of the simple enjoyment of a backyard camp fire. We will continue our weekend fires and will not pay to do so!!
1212John Corless
Will not stop our weekend camp fires with family and friends!! We have built too many wonderful memories enjoying this summer tradition!!
1213This signature has been deleted.
1214Danielle Dechert
Kind of rediculous that you wouldn't ban something that only 0.032 percent of the city.
1215This signature has been deleted.
1216Loreta Corless
N2b 2n4
1218karen stanovie
1219deborah ross
1220vesna s
1221Steve Clark
this is duplicate name with the postal code
1222sarah nakamura
47 glen avon cres, kitchener
the one thing you can do for enertainment thats free, and once again somebody wants to make money on it.
1224christine hackbart
1225joesph george
1226Kimberly Delisle
158 Roberts Cres
Kitchener, ON
N2E 1A5
1227Amely guzman
106 sugar maple st. Kitchener on n2n1x7
1228M Jackson
N2N 1H8
1229Hannah Morley
N2H 3V5
1230Nigel Carvalho
1231Luke Yhomson
1232Darlene Dobie
N2E 3K4 News article quotes fire prevention officer confirming that few calls are due to safety issues. Deal with those breaking the rules rather than write new rules that satisfy the few, grab $10 and punish many who did nothing wrong.
1233This signature has been deleted.
1234Robert Baker
N2H 2T9 Is my BBQ and indoor fireplace next? I pay more every year in taxes and get less every year in return. Punish the offenders under the current bylaw. So many should not pay this price for the stupidity of a few and the medical misfortune of even fewer.
1235Eunice Baker
N2H 2T9
1236Devin Sittler
N2E 3B9
1237Jody Hammel
n2h1z8 - do to the new by law and the increase in distance from structures a fire pit no longer even fits in my back yard.
1238ryan wittie
N2e0a4-this is stupid-just another way for the goverment to make money-80% of the people who don't want fire pits are seniors
1239David M.
We do have to respect our neighbors and be mindful of our fires, smoke etc but not be banned as this draft pretty much does tends to bring division in neighborhoods where there is none.
1240Mike Duynhoven
N2P1P7 - Typical nanny state bylaws and regulations. Unacceptable! Our property, our responsibility. we pay taxes for the city to go after irresponsible people, not create sweeping reductions of personal choice.
1241Lori Winter
1242Aaron Male
I have had backyard fires, and both neighbours on either side have no problem with it.
1243This signature has been deleted.
1245This signature has been deleted.
Are we living in communist country or free country? What will be next? Almost eweryting is banned.16 Radcliffe pl Kitchener
1247Chris Karges
N2P 1H5 We have a 2 acre treed lot. Iwill continue to have my COOKING fires regardless of their cash grabbing scheme.
1248This signature has been deleted.
1249Paul Bowman
1250Jed Bowman
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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