501Jordan Goetz
Absolutely ridiculous.
N2A 4N2
502Shawn Ertel
N2R 1C8
503Mike Bender
No permits for firepits.
504jay broughton
n2n 1n2 there is nothing wrong with having a small responsible fire to enjoy some marshmellows with your kids on a nice summer night,this bylaw is ridiculous!!
505Russell Jennison
This is a further castration of our rights as land owners. The ban is a poor choice for the community and I do not support it. N2G2H5
506Jessica Russell
508Katy W
I can't believe this is an issue even being considered by council.
509Jessica Russell
N2B 1T7
510This signature has been deleted.
511Tessa Jennison
100 Gildner Street Kitchener N2G2H5
This ban is ridiculous. I enjoy my fire pit, and it does not disturb my neighbours.
513Patricia Valente
We love ours, and we use it safely.
514Victor Bast
N2A 2C5
515Ann Valente
We love it. Gets rid of somethings that would otherwise go to the recycle.
516Allen Bonin
Keep it.
517Brenda Atchison
94 Farrier Drive
Kitchener, ON
N2P 1J5
518Gabe Valente
It keep my garden clean.
519Matt Pletz
What about a $10 permit for whining?
520Bill Sherifali
I trust you will find that the majority of people are ok with backyard fires provided reasonable criteria which was already in place. N2A 3Z9
521This signature has been deleted.
522Heather Carter
92 highland cres, Kitchener, on, n2m 5c1
523Ashley Wilson
524Paula D
N2A 3V3. Please don't ruin it for the majority just because a few neighbours don't get along. 2011 Census shows our pop. as 219153. Do the math!Only .03% have complained about backyard firepits. That should not constitute a change in bylaw.
525Mike McDonald
The last time a small group of people held sway over a large populace things went very bad in Europe
526Unhappy Bridgeport resident
N2K 1A2
527Dale Russell
Keep it -respect your neighbours
528Ruth Anne Harrington
I SAY "LET 'ER BURN!!! Seriously, I'm sick of being regulated to death. Enough already!!!!
529Mike McDonald
N2E 2H9 Somehow the tons particulate matter being dumped on us from the Ohio Vally including Detroit is not anissue with the small minded compainents. Another City Hall cash grab plain and simple.
530Rosalie Shorney
531Chad Ludwig
532Natalia Ludwig
533Rosalie Shorney
N2H 1S9
534Chad Ludwig
535Natalia Ludwig
536Diana Ibbotson
ridiculous!!!Another way to grab money from out already empty wallets!!
537Nathan Kugler
538Karen Savard
I think this is bogus when I have had fires here for over forty years!
539Luke Traversy
N2e 2g4
540Thomas Parent
As long as a backyard fire is contained to a pit/chiminea/fireplace then I think this ban is absurd. Everyone I know has a fire pit in their backyard, including me.
$10 per fire? Is that to protect someone or something or just another cash grab?
Our politicians are lucky we are so passive and accepting of being over legislated. I wonder what our European counterparts would do?
542Gini Freitas
this is ridiculious, we are always extremely responsible with our fires and have a wonderful time with allour neighbours. Dont ruin this for those of us whom are responsible.

46 monteagle crest, kitchener ontario
543Tina Wiese
n2n 1e6
544Eddie Besenschek
94 Farrier Dr
545sean c
Another bs bylaw!
N2B 3K7
547Sheila Badry
Ridiculous bylaw. Responsible, small backyard fires should absolutely be allowed. And that fee is a money grab, nothing more. Stupidity. Stop the nonsense.
548Andrea Buhr
Resident of Kitchener who loves her fire pit!!
549QuitLift'n MeKilt
N2A-2H7..... BIG brother needs to get a life
550Laura Tarrant
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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