1251Sophia Bowman
1252Tracy Ann Neitzel
N2E 4H4
1253Clare Legare
83 Wildlark Cres
Kitchener N2N 3E9
1254Yves Legaer
N2N 3E9
1255Janis Conrad
N2A 0A8
1257Adam Reid
N2H 3H7
1258Jennette Reid
32 Dane St. Kitchener, N2H3H7
1259Jason McQuabbie
We enjoy our Saturday fire/weiner roasts. We are always safe and respectful of our neighbours!
1260Joan Vann
We are in total agreement with you. Thank you so much for doing this on behalf of everyone. Happy Canada day!

N2K 4J7
Shame...another city of Kitchener cash grab!!
1262sandra hethrington
91 East Ave unit 5
Kitchener Ont
1263doug hyslop
1768 Old Mill Rd
N2p 1H8
1264Randy Tapsell
Another Canadian losing his freedom
N2M 4W6
1265Gary Toporowski
177 Winding Way n2n1p3
1266Tina McQuabbie
N2M 5B8. I am sorry 80 complaints is nothing to turn around and make people pay to do something in there own backyards.
1267Keira Wilbee
75 autumn ridge trail.
1268Patrice Andrade
N2H 3J8
1269Leo Baker
As far as people being allergic to smoke all people are to some degree , I think it's a good way for family's to spend quality time together, as our family sure do have a good time when we have a fire. more familys should try it, and invite neighbour.
1270Georgette Baker
I think firepits are good it gets family and friend's together, neighbor's that complain should get a life, thy're just just jealous. The reason the city didn't ban the fires because it just another way for them to make money & stick it up us again
1271V Vrentzos
1272Leo & Georgette Baker
We forgot our address. N2A 2R6
1273Rob Emond
N2E 2A2
1274Ted Bleaney
N2N 1E5
1275Wendy Bleaney
N2N 1E5
1276Ellen Bleaney
N2N 1E5
1277Grace Bleaney
N2N 1E5
1278Graham Bleaney
N2N 1E5
1279andy a
1280This signature has been deleted.
1281Moe Sherman
1282Krystal McEwen
65 Shadeland Cres.
Kitchener, On
1283debbie reuter
161 8th ave Kitchener n2c 1s5 keep firepits in our backyards it brings a little country in the city for my family to enjoy
1285Josh Gibbins
1287Dan Belanger
1288Tina Belanger
1289Rick Rutters
79 greendale cr kitchener
1290Bobbi Dean
1291Lesley Vollmer
1292Dan Belanger
sorry forgot to add postal code
1293Shirley Brown
It is pretty sad that you pay taxes for your property,and you can't do what you want? What are we,a bunch of little kids?? The people who are responsible, should be able to have a fire, what happened to having a "free country"???
1294David & Karen Brubacher
23 Briar Knoll Drive, Kitchener, ON. N2E 1X9
1295Cynthia Dooley
I paid hundreds of dollars to place round patio and fire pit in my backyard, and now the want to ban fires which would render my patio useless,I'm defininetly not happy about this
1296This signature has been deleted.
1297Max Ormrod
Firepits in the back yard are a safe way to keep the fires in a controlled environment. Would you rather kids just go and make fires in the forest instead? That's what this bylaw is risking. Humans are fire-builders.
1298This signature has been deleted.
1299Mark Dietrich
This is nonsense, and will cause the city to be further in debt via it's enforcement
1300Susy McKellar
N2H 3V9.
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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