1851jason boegel
1852This signature has been deleted.
1853Shannon Tobicoe
1854Dave Burt
council doesn't understand what majority means-majority of the emails rec'd is not indicative of the majority of the population
1855Edward Paul Nichols
Please... honestly don't fall into the same trap as Waterloo! They have no alternitieve but to ban fires because of the the population of young students who have pvoven to be a problem. Kitchener on the other hand has never had such a problem. In fact, we
1856This signature has been deleted.
1857Greg Mannerow
N2M 4E9
1858Kim Mannerow
1859Ava Mannerow
1860Marley Mannerow
1861Mackenzie warner
1862Kenzie warner
1863Richard Wastell
N2J 1W6
1864Robert Wastell
N2J 1W6
1865Chris McKenzie
N2N 3B8
1866Heather M
N2N 3B8
1867Cheryl O.
1868Brent Lapointe
104 Old Forest Cres, Kitchener, n2n2a3
1869Vince Schuiling
Have you ever had a steak or a homemade burger cooked on a wood fire? stop taking all the fun out of life. don't we have enough laws. N2H 4W5
1870Luis Barbosa
N2P 2E6

I wrote my counselor on the Monday morning before the meeting telling him that I was in favour of having controlled fires in our back yards, he replied back the day after the vote indicating that he went to the meeting and voted for the outright ban of fire pits in Kitchener, he did this without consulting his constituents. I hope the counselors and all politicians someday come to realize that the majority should rule and that a few complaints need to be dealt with individually, If they think that they will save money by banning fire pits, they’ll be spending ten times that trying to enforce the $10 fee that they are thinking of placing on them. Thanks for starting this petition, let’s not take this lightly.
1871Annette Fontes
1872Manfred Mielke
37 Oxford St kitchener
1873brad kowalski
i agree 100 percent fire pits should be allowed
1874This signature has been deleted.
1875Jim Burnett
Stay out of my backyard.
1876Matthew Neville
N2e 1y3
1877Corrie Gehl

Fire pits SHOULD be allowed!
1878Angela Cabrera
No to permits and time restrictions, keep it the way it is.
1879Cindy Bonham
N2R 1W1
1880James Bonham
N2R 1W1
1881Ken Diebold
303 Dixon St.Kitchener, ON
1882glennis yantzi
1883mark yantzi
1884Randy Ransome
590 Greenbrook Drive Kitchener ont.
1885Austin Smith
66 Orchid crescent.
1886Helen Hunter
City Council - Having a controlled back yard fire is fine. Stop your knee jerk reactions. N2N 3E4
1887Louis Boterman
N2B 2L5
1888Melissa Stephens
N2A 4K1
1889Ron McCormick N2A 1W4
1890Heather Sebastian
N2M 1X2
1891Ron Leisti
Postal code: N2E 3K8

1892Jon-Paul Yuzark
N2E 2C7
1893This signature has been deleted.
1894Laura Vetzal
N2E 2C7
1895Kathy Thomson
1896Angela Burt
N2M 4N4
1897chris mclaughlin
60 oakhurst cr.
kitchener, ON,
N2B 3K3
1898Jason Walker
N2H 5Y2
1899Jon Cooper
How about the complainers PAY ME not to have a fire?
1900glen thompson
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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