2051Liliya Pototskaya
N2L 4S3
2052josh pengelly
Already pay for property tax, water tax, hydro, if we obey rule regulations, no need for taxing fire pit. Specially if person uses for cooking. That would be infringing on basic needs
2053Kaila Parker
My husband and I are tax payers and we make little to nothing given the current job climate - don't make use spend our hard earned money to enjoy one of the few things that are still free in life - quality time and fun with family and friends. N2H 5A6
2054Karen Sanderson
This is very wrong and is only a money grab! Everything is more expensive and familys need a fun, free thing to do together on weekends. Families that play together stay together! Nothing better than roasting marshmellows with your kids.
2055Karl Sanderson
2056Anton Shendryk
N2A 4C4.
Please reduce the amount of unnecessary rules. Fire pit is OK. People get killed by cars, do we stop making them?
2057Laurie Kaufman
We have the occasional fire and we are respectful of our neighbors.
2058Josee Zinger 36 Kiblirnie Crt kitchener N2R 1B8
2059P-K Goodison
2060Jane Robertson
What r u gonna take away next!!! Geez!
2061Sue Kelly
2062A Mota
For tha amount of taxes that I pay I have the right to utilize and enjoy my property i'm so sick of Kitchener's City Council dictating and impeading on my freedom to enjoy my home here
2063D Mota
N2A 3V5
So disappointed that City Council is looking to once again implement yet another money grab If this was more a health concern then WHY aren't we more concerned about the huge aircraft and greenhouse gasses/emissions. Once again can't enjoy my prop
2065A. Mota
N2A 3V5 Forgot postal code on previous comment
2066Ron Stevenson
deal with the nuisance people directly
2067stephen marshe
totally ridiculous,we pay huge taxes and city hall and the counsel are not going to tell me what i can do on my own property...i got a small pit thats a truck rim buried even with the lawn, and never had a complaint.. 79 russ street n3h4b1
2068Ron Farkas
2069Dana Walton
N2P 2Z1
2070Jonathan Veitch
602 Brittania Crescent Kitchener Ontario, N2R0B1
2071Sam Wasysycia
70 Rochefort Street, Kitchener, ON, Canada
2072Julie Bjerland
Don't punish those who obey. Fine the ones that don't.
2073Carlos Argueta
Be responsible
2074Dana pingle
Having a fire pit in our backyard creates great Family time. After a long day it is nice and relaxing to sit outback with my children and hear how their day was. I agree with only having fires during the evening. Why would you want a fire during the day?
2075Jim Frias
n2a-1r5. I do not complain about your dryer vent smell blowing on me while I relax on my deck. Fires in the evening are good FAMILY TIME!
2076This signature has been deleted.
2077Michael J Czarny
N2H 4W4
sorry forgot postal code
2078richard charbonneau
we want our firepits back
2079Carol Garnham
N2M 4B2
Get rid of the money grab and give us our firepits back
2080Diamond McMaster
I live at 154 Blucher street
Kitchener, Ontario
the only thing I have to say is I believe I should have the right to have a firepit in my backyard we have already had a fire chief over at our house and he said we were safer than most
2081Michelle Hoefler
N2H 1X1
2082Leslie Toth
We love backyard campfires and as long as no one burns plastic and garbage at these fires i dont see why it would offend anyone, we are for responsible fires in a safe manner! No more fees please, thank you!
2083This signature has been deleted.
2084Andrew Kennedy
The further our local government encroaches on the reasonable enjoyment of property, the less the truly represent us. This law amounts to an ad hoc law to accomodate a vocal minority.
2085Chris Latta
2-97 Ahrens St W
Kitchener. ON
N2H 4B9
2086Bill Hart
Having a a fire pit is cheaper than taking a family of 4 to the movies.
2087Jim McCarthy
2088Cristian Ibanez
Postal code N2E2T8

In my opinion, City Council should be dealing with the mass exodus of jobs leaving the region instead! Leave my fire pit alone.
2089Jennifer Falconer
2090Nicki Nicholl
2091Collette Whelan
2092Kim Henderson
2093Robin Molloy
2094Trisha nicholls
2095Galen French
Having a fee is just the beginning. If this is approved the fee will be steadily raised without justification. I can't see the difference between 6 or 10 back yard fires if they are done responsibily. This proposed new law is too subjective. N2M3P1
2096Renee Thomas
N2E 1T5
2097brad boegel
n2e 1t5
An absolute joke. Its clearly not about safety or they would not be allowed at any cost. I can't believe that 80 people can affect so many.
2098chepita yol santizo
Its not fair that we should pay when its our property and we're abidding by the existing rules already! Please don't charge us nor take away the ability to have some harmless bonding times with our loved ones Thank You for your consideration!God bless you!
2099Jeff Metzger
2100Rob Krall
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Petition Details
Petition: Return to previous bylaws as pertains to backyard fire pits.
Created By: Elizabeth Dean
Created On: June 26th, 2012
Target: Mayor and Council City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario
Category: Human Rights

Total signatures: 2521
Signature goal: 5000

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