1Sandra hunt
2kim fenske
No child should be taking from there mother
3Jason Kaye
Another example of how people with MS get treated here in Alberta.
4Sebastien Cyr
5Sebastien Cyr
6Barbara Wiebe
7Shirley Renshaw
Our world is becoming a corrupt society. We elect people to represent us. We pay taxes for just this kind of need. We donate millions to charities. they refuse to help. What is going on? DISGUSTING.
9Shelley Boettcher
No child deserves to be taken away from a mother who loves them and who is doing her best to take care of them. There has to be a better way to help this family than to tear it apart.
10Michel Sastre
Why is it that "the system" seems to punish only those who try harder?
11Velvet Martin
SAMANTHA'S LAW prevents caring families from being subject to the Child Intervention Model. Families must be served distinctly with in-home supports. Similarly, I feel that parents with medical/developmental diversity have the right to parent their children and the same consideration need be made to enable this to transpire. Promoting Family-Centred Care is not simply cost-effective, but also the only humane practice! Velvet, mom of Samantha angel​Samanthas-Law/109590009095318
12Serena Tremblay
Please keep this family together!
13Lauri Leach
Help this family stay together!!
14Bobby O'Toole
15Kathi Sadlier
16Gail Gerrond
17Kimberly Armstrong
Disgrace. I too have MS, and that does not make me a bad parent . There are things I can' t do either, but I am fortunate enough to have friends and family around. Maria has looked and asked for help as she really loves her children. Having MS was not her
18Lorraine Reimer
HELP this family, do not HURT them! Why punish a family and tear them apart when you could help them stay together instead!
19Elizabeth Simenik
Please do not turn away from this woman. The true value of a society is how it treats the most fragile of the people in it. Treat her the way you would want to be treated!!!!
20Christine Nickerson
Please help save this family.
21Irene Howe
Keep these children and Mother together.
22Alison Whyte
These girls need their mommy more than anything or anyone else in the world. Please keep this family together.
23david leven
let her be treated for CCSVI and give her a chance toget her life back.
24Theodolinda perez
25Vicky Aubin
26Elvia Torres Morales
Dont take her children away, help her.
28Janine ogorman
The government should be ashamed
29JoAnn Paris
30Carol Prest
This women loves her Children and her Children love her. All she needs is homecare
31Jocelyn Orieux
Maria, we are here for you!
32John Prest
33Jennifer Chatterson
Keep the family together!!!!!!
34cathy shulhan
35Rhonda Sauer
Would it be right to take children away from a parent who has cancer or is paralyzed in an accident, or has another sort of debilitating disease? The answer is NO, as it should be in this case. This woman deserves the same rights as any parent.
36Kristi Simms
Being a child who had a mother who had MS, a family is a family, through good times and bad. I fully support this family staying together, this could have been me.
37gail mattatall
This province should be ashamed it is always the intent of child welfare offices to keep families together not seperate them why take these children when all this lady was help to keep them in their home where they all would be togrther
38K Furniss
Put someone to work that's on welfare and let her and her family stay together...
39Joyce Kinkley
The gov't would take away her children and pay for foster care but not help her out to keep her family together?! Makes no sense!She needs her kids and her kids need their mother..whether she is disabled or not. How heartless this is!!
40Jodi-Anne wood
As a fellow Albertan and mom of two young children, I am horrified this is happening to Marie. The Albertan Government should be ashamed of itself....
41Francine deshaies
Please help this family!!!!
42Brenda fleet
I think if the government can find money to pay it's members thousands for meetings they do not attend they should be able to find the compassion and the funding to keep this family together, it is going to cost the government much more otherwise.
43Anne Lennox
She should not have her children taken away from her. That would be the most devastating result for this family in this situation. The children need their mother and their mother needs her children.
44carol clark
please keep the family together xxx
45Diana Gordon
Please find funding for "Marie" to hire a nanny so she can keep her children close to her. Without them, she would die on the inside.
46Barb O'Neill
Come on leaders of this province step up and do what you said you would. Protect albertans! Something you are not doing for this family! These children need their mother and she needs them.
47Cynthia McCall
This is deplorable and frightening
48janet cochrane
help keep decent families together.
49Lori Batchelor
Show some compassion!
50Karen Copeland
It is getting increasingly difficult to be a Proud Canadian because of disgusting behaviours of our various levels of government and the money grubbing tendencies of our charities.
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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