751Gia Stewart
752Sarah Morton
My heart breaks for you. Our government needs to open their eyes and hearts.
753Amy Klassen
Because of her illness doesnt make her a bad mom. There are parents who have addictions that dont take care of thier children at all but still get to keep them. This isnt fair
754Shannon Kmita-Kelly
this is horrible!! yet government people will keep giving kids back to drug using parents( which yes is a disease) LOOK through the eyes of these children! Everyone needs there MOMMA!! it sounds more like a prison sentence to all the family! she did not ch
755Brian Wasyk
Marie has enough problems in life!
756Kim Kosakewich
I am embarrased to say that I am Canadian when I hear things like this.... Unbelievable! I will quit my job and move in with you and help in anyway possible.
757Andrea Watkins
This is a total outrage and the simple fact that any funds given to help Maria will be taxed as income and reduce her current assistance is totally disgusting.
758Jo-Lane Birkigt
759Krysy Schoots
What a shame,My heart breaks for you Marie i will pray that everything that needs to be done is done. and you get to keep your beautiful babies.
760Leanna Whetton
As a mother of 4 and a spouse who has progressive ms i know the pain this family is going through as i too had social services preform a home visit to see if my husband could watch our children alone. He is not as sick as Marie but the government has to do
761Michelle Jensen
The government needs to step up and secure funding for people who need help, instead of taking children away from their homes and families.
762Sara G.
Having MS is not Marie's fault. Taking her kids away from her is not the right option. The government should be ashamed. Think of it in Marie's shoes? how would you feel if someone took something from you that is out of your control? Help Marie.
763Donna Leibel
This is diplorable , in a society where children are neglected and abused by their parents but repeatedly returned to these parents by social services stating it is the best interest of the child. This absolutely infuriates me.
764Jennifer Barry
This makes me ill. We have some people that are completely capable of working but CHOOSE not to. This woman is ill (by absolutely NO fault of her own) and she is being punished in the most harsh way possible. DISGUSTING!
765Barb Gulka
This just makes my blood boil! Alberta this has to change! obviously the proof is before your eyes! I donate to MS, I ask what are they doing to help this lady and her family. Standup and challenge the gov't and make this change happen!
766Krysy Schoots
What a shame,My heart breaks for you Marie i will pray that everything that needs to be done is done. and you get to keep your beautiful babies.
767catriona byeres
For our government to punish this lady and her children because she has an incurable illness is beaurocratic discrimination at it's worst, why do we continue to condone the kind of politics that fosters this attitude. Shame on all of those in charge of mak
768Ali Watters
This makes me absolutely sick too my stomach that the government is doing nothing too help this mother with her kids! The government needs too get their panties out of a knot and step up! This makes me have absolutely no faith is our system!
769Diana Thompson
This children deserve to be with their mother, and she deserves to have her children!
770Rosemarie Caines
The children need to be with there mom
771Ben Thompson
Help this woman keep her family for once spend my tax dollars on something important
772Tayler Malm
773Clarissa Rayner
Thats just wrong and shows you the lack of care for the people the Government really has!
774Shawna Payne
I don't think this is right at all. Unless the children are being neglected or abused they should stay with their mother.
775Kerry Vezeau
I'm a Mom of two school aged children. My youngest child was 5 when I was diagnosed with MS. This story horrifies me beyond words. I pay taxes and have worked hard. The thought of losing my kids because there is no program that will help me is beyond words
776Debbie Roy
This makes me so angry..If the government took the money it will have to to find homes for these poor children and give to provide chilcare in their own home , with a loving mother...She is sick not dead...why punish this family????
777Pat S.
She needs help- the STRESS of worrying is not good for her either, think about this --you have a health issue-- do you think your children should be taken away and adopted!! I think not!!
778Angela Spindler
779Jessica Bezushko
As a mother of two young girls myself this makes me so sad, please do not take these girls away from their mom.
780Kirstin Keppler
This is shameful for our province to be turning their back on a family in need. There is a simple solution, but the government prefers to be cheap and not pay for live-in help. Marie, we're praying for you and your kids. God bless you!
781Karin D.
782Natalie Galipeau
783Todd Molineaux
I can't believe the government let it get this far. Shame on our elected officials
I think this is a shame......because the government won't help her. There are people out there that dont need help and are receiving help from the government. This is no fault of her's and because of this she is going to lose her kids. Makes me sick.
785Melodee Claire
786Lori Hayes
787Shellie Hannah
Shame on our Government once again. There is no reason why they can't help support a live in Nanny for children. Keep the children at home.
788Angela Overacker
Our government needs to do better for this family and other in a similar situation.
789Alisha Velthuis
I will keep this family in my prayers
790Lisa Hanson
791Kathy Hermanson
792Dale Curry
This is sickening knowing we are the richest province and poorest care for our residents-time for a differnet gov't and policies.I will drive to edmonton/calgary to protest for this poor mother and children if someone is setting it up
Do something right for a change and help this woman keep her family together
794Diana Berard
795Kathleen Jones
I am disgusted and appalled that help for a sick mother would be not only denied but that the situation is being used for a grab and go with her children, who are most likely her reason for living. Taking her children is horrifying and completely wrong.
796Susan Kolasa
I can't believe this, my son has MS and has 3 kids, they don't live with him but if they took away his rights to see his kids it would probably kill him, they brighten up his life everytime he sees them. I can't imagine what this woman is going through.
797Kathy Plomp
this is just so sad :(
798josh pocha
Children NEED their parents, shame shame on whoever started this claim against maria
799Velera Krossa-Nemeth
Kids are healing for a loved one. Do not remove or take away this!
800kate allen
This is appauling
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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