1151Phyllis A. Hanscom
Taking her children could worsen her illness ! This is just not right !
1152david harrison
Give her support to remain as the mother of her kids.
1153Stacey Hodgins
As a mother with ms with 4 young children this is affects me deeply.
1154Gwen Bittner
Talk about kicking someone when they are down! Taking Maria's children away from her is the most horrible thing they could do to her. The government of Alberta should pay for a Nanny for her so she can have her children with her.
1155Connie Petty
This woman needs help not punishment and not only is she being punished but so are those children!
1156angela taylor
This is a sin I hope all works out for you
1157Lesley LeBlanc
There is a better way to handle said situation in a professional yet compassionate manner.
1158Christine Foxall
1159yevgen fedotov
As a new permament resident to Canada, I strongly believe in the power of understanding of the federal and Provincial Government. Therefore, I humbly plea that the Alberta Government provides the deserved assistance in this particular case in order to keep
1160Nadia Filion
1161Cassie Talabi
Wow...this is the best option they could come up with??? Way to go government!! Let's waste some more money!! Let these little girls enjoy what time they have left with their mom, not devastate all of them.
1162Gilbert Hobart
1163Leigh Tyler
The children should be allowed to stay with their mother. To take them away and be cared for by someone else is such a shame when all she needs is assistance. At least she would be there with them and be a family. Not torn apart.
1164Nicole R
1165Christine Amero
WTF ? Common sense doesn't exist in gov't?
1166joanne white
I think is cruel to both the mother and the children to seperate them especially when all she needs is some financial help. The government finds lots of money for "unnecessary" things how about for something as important as this?
1167Dianna Clarke
A mom's worth is shown in many ways, not just by the ability to use their body.
1168tony woodkeller
Keep the familg together
1169Pam Churchill
Oh my word!!! Are people not able to function in a normal thinking manner today? Who in their right mind would think children would be better with strangers!!!
1170Tammy Burtt
marie you and your children are in my prayer's,keep fighting for your rights,and as far as gov't and social service,you should live by the old saying what comes around goes around,god forbid this one day happens to you or a loved one,what will you do?
1172Donna Murphy
Speaking as a mother who Thankfully was able to care of her children until they reached adult years,I find this situation truly sad and heartbreaking that a disease is the focal point behind a group of folks that would like to see this ladies children taken from her. At this point in time, Iím sure that the children still require the love and care that only a mother is able to provide,care from the heart,the mother ,at this point in time needs the love and support of her family.Taking the children from their mother would only prove futile,in an otherwise difficult situation.To those concerned and involved in this difficult decision,please have compassion with all those involved and allow the family to stay together as a family,to give love and support for each other.Nothing can replace the love of family members for each other.
1173Krystal Peck
This family needs to stay together, home care is available out there to help. Social Services can take a hike!
1174Geraldine Urquhart
1175Joanne boelee
1176Denise Curtis
The government should be ashamed of themselves!!!
This family does need to stay together, a loving mother is irreplaceable! She can't help that she is sick, she's only needs some help!
1178Susan Clark
keeping a loving family together should always be the FIRST option!
1179sandi foster
1180Jacklyn Gamble
This is absolutely ridiculous! Come on Alberta Government let's get with it here! Just because this woman has MS that does not in anyway give ANYONE the right to take her children! How about trying to keep a family TOGETHER not tear them APART!!!
1182Cheryl Roach
Give the family the support they need to stay together, a loving family is priceless!!
Absolutely despicable.
1185Dominique MacDonald
The Gov MUST find funding to keep families together
1186Marie Gallant
The government must move quickly to solve this and similar problems or many voters will not vote for the P.C. party
1187Anjali Mahtani
1188Heather Trainor
Keep this family together!!!
1189Christine Storrs
This is cruel!
there is NO DISEASE crueler then ms please do not allow her children /everything to be taken away .
1191Melissa taylor
I'm fightin' 4 u hun. This isn't right.
1192Dusan lakovic
1193Samantha Longmire
sad to hear this is happening ...
Heres to staying with your kids
If it takes a village...where is the leader in this situation to help someone in need who has asked for help already.
1196Sheryl Purdy
This is cruel & wrong! I can't believe this would be an option.
The govt needs to step in and give financial support. NOTHING replaces the love of a family!!!!
1197Pam Porter
1198Ruth Alicbusan
Now more than ever this family needs to be together!!! Leave these children home and find a live in caretaker to help the mother!
1200Rachel Elliott
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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