1051Dawn-Anne Coulson
Please keep this family intact. Do not remove the children from their mother....nobody will ever love them as much as their own mother. They need their OWN mother!!!
God bless, Marie and kids.
1053Amy Schmalz
You have my full support Marie. Keeping your family together for your health and their's is the absolute most important thing. Alberta government , shame on you !
1055Tara ray
1056Heather Bloom
1057joy dixon
1058Morna Schneiders
1061Simone Killian
God bless Marie and her family.
1062bryce williams
I find this quite disturbing, hope this petition will help.
1063Amber Dawm
1064Tammy F.
1065Tracey SantaMaria
I pray this petition helps Maria and her family. Those children need their mother, dont punish her and the kids because she has MS....
1066marci gillett
its bad enough the kids mom is sick and they have to deal w that dont take them away the strength og a family will keep them strong they need to be united
1067Lynne Sullivan
Where is your compassion, these are little humans, they need mother. The mom did not ask to get MS. So please for once us your government money the right way and help that family.
1068Paul M
1069Donna Catroppo
It would probably cost half of what they would pay someone else to come in and help this lady and her children.
1070Carol Woodward
1071Randy Fedric
MS isn't her fault and Her Children should not have to Suffer the loss of their Mother because she is disabled.. Its Not Right!!!
1072Kara Pickard
I have a dear friend with MS and can't imagine how hard it is to deal with the pain and raising a child at the same time. Everyone should step in and help this mother. It takes a community to raise a child. Don't turn your backs on her and take her babies!
1073lorna zinck
A child belongs with their mom...always!!!
1074Alexis Rideout
1075Angela Walburger
1076Tina Arena
1077Kathleen Odenthal
Keep the children with their mother.
1078Weas K
1079Dory Martin
1080Misty Williams
1081Mr A Wilson
To split these girls from their mum at this time is just plain cruel.
This family should be allowed to stay together and support each other.
1082Heather Brokaw
To take these precious girls from their Momma is CRIMINAL!
1083Shelley Keddy-Poirier
Do they not understand what this will do to her mentally, what do the kids want? DON"Y do this she is more then likey fighting her dease and staying strong for her children you take them away and she has nothing left to fight for.
1084Jamie Stadnyk
1085Taylor Osburn
1086Karen Lyons
1087Cheryl Miranda
Let the children stay with there mother. It's not right to take them from their home, and away from their family.
1088Bob Surette
She needs her children,NOT this stress!
1089Tim Hiemstra
1090Wayne MacLean
This is outrageous, the worst part is the government will likely spend more on studies and consultants in this case than it would cost to give her assistance.
1091Susan Miles
1092Charlene Morse
REALLY....she has an illness and just needs help. Let the kids stay at home. How aweful((Mommy)) I am sorry I am too sick to care for you the state says, but why mommy you LOVE me. :( Listen I went to a foster home when my mother got cancer and couldn't ca
1093Tania Blanchette
This is rediculous! that I even have to sign for this is outrageous, it's common sense. Get a heart people.
1094Patricia Proskurniak
This story bothered me so much all weekend after hearing it on Global News. I didn't know what to do to get her some help. I am so relieved that others feel the same way.
1095Jen Ashworth
1096Leonel Hernandez
ths is inhumane
1097Wilma Hiemstra
Separating them would be so cruel and unnecessary!
1098Holly McOuat
1099Deanna rennich
How sad that we even have to have this disappointing that someone believes this is in everyone's best interest...those children are probably her reason for fighting as hard as she is cruel...this is crueler!!!
1100Theresa Stoddard
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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