651Renee Laporte
652Ashley Meek
653Cortney Murphy
These children already have a loving family. Why would you take them away from that? All this family is asking for is a little help and support. In Alberta we have the power to help this family!
656Charlene Adams
Let her kids stay. It's not fair to this kids to be taken away from the mother.
657Linda Donohue
I can't even put the disgust I feel into words. Prayers, Peace and Light to you and those babies "Maria"
658Jeffrey Stadnyk
659Aaron Fuchs
660Vanessa Fuchs
661m sauve
662mary eckel
No one person has the right to say wether a mother can cope with her kids even if she's sick. That is only gods given right. Who the hell do they think they are to dictate if Maria or any one else if they can look after them.
663Jen Hill
This is not the Canadian way. These children need to be with their mother and their mother with them. This is horrific..MS Society, where are you?
665R Dautremont
Do what's right...
666Courtney R.
667Barbara Kaye
668Aleatha Brown-lanthier
Just because an illness strikes, does not mean a mother should have to give up her children. It's time we learned to help where it's needed.
Praying the right thing is done.
669Colleen Reid
670Vanda Law
This is unconscionable and evil. Allow this family to remain together and help them achieve that simple right.
671Kristal McCoy
Why take these children away from a loving home? They deserve to stay with there Mother! She asked for help, now lets help her!!!
672Brittney Donohue
673Cassandra Goulet
Not fair at all!
674Jennifer Navin
Shame on you, Alberta gov't!
675B. Fifield
Let's move forwards - not backwards in our solutions to complex problems. We have intelligent, creative minds. Where are they now?
676Lisa Schumann
677DJ Gundlock
The election has just been called - we all the the option to vote in a new AB govt that will take a look at handicapped needs case by case. Let's vote in some common sense!
678Don Wood
this could happen to you!sign the petition!
679Belinda Vizena
please keep this family together
680Becky Turner
Shame on you. Why would you take children away from a mother that clearly wants them and then give a child molester 2 years in prison!!! What is wrong with our government. Its bad enough for Maria to have MS and have to deal with all the symptoms.
681Tammy Huska
Let's get back to family first - this is how I want my tax dollars spent, please.
682Victoria Birkholz
683W. MacRae
Don't take these kids away! They need their mom for so many reasons!!
685Megan Alty
686A. MacDougall
Sad to hear.
687Teena Mengel
688Melissa Cameron
This is completely reprehensible!! Get this woman a nanny! I can't see how splitting up her family is a good thing. Shame on you Government of Alberta!
689Karen Mitchler
690D Wry
691Sarah H
Removing children from a home should be the absolute last resort - the trauma is huge. Taking children from a mother who wants to care for them and is not abusing them is frankly inhuman.
692Marion Klug
tsk, tsk, I just can't imagine what kind of effect this would have on her children not to be able to stay with their mother.. Don't children have a say?
693Susan Delawski
694Steve Cameron
695kayla wheele
Keep this family together!!!
696kayla wheele
Keep this family together!!!
697Vicki Penny
As a mom with a son who has disabilites, shame on those involved with trying to remove this woman's children. This IS Canada, last time I checked!! Since when did having a disability mean you can't raise children???
698B. Fifield
Let's move forwards - not backwards in our solutions to complex problems. We have intelligent, creative minds. Where are they now?
699B. Fifield
Let's move forwards - not backwards in our solutions to complex problems. We have intelligent, creative minds. Where are they now?
700Melanie W
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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