601megan lundy
This is what makes me lose faith in our government over and over again!
602John head
Terrible shame on our government
603b ncengani
604Spencer O'Bray
605Isobel Radersma
606Lori Fleming
607Shannon Sherk
This disgusts me... where have our family values gone. This woman did not choose to have MS. The people in government seems to have forgotten what they are here for.
608Marcie Gallardo
609Tricia Woikin
Makes me so sad.
611Ginette Linares
This is horrible! Think about how it will affect the children to be ripped away from their sick mom like that. Inhumane...
612Candy Plettl
I am disgusted that government won't step in and help. Look at all these people getting welfare money that are capable of being out there working and are sitting at home collecting our hard earned money. Really ticks me off.
613Chansy Homan
614Rosemarie Ortman
The government won't give assistance to a lady who wants to keep her kids & will give them loving care but will give welfare to unfit mothers who will leave their children unattended to go smoke crack!!! What a great system we have.
615tammy coates
616Tracey Smith
617Wanita Love
I awful for this little family! Time for the government to wake up!!!
618Erin Haggitt
Children can learn from their mom even though she may have a disese, she teaches compassion for those people wwho may not be just "perfect" as I myself have never met a "perfect" person. It can also teach them that they don't have to be frightened of dises
The day the government told me to put my kids up for adoption because I had a medical condition, is the day the government lines up and kisses my ass, one set of lips at a time! This makes me SICK.
620Jamie Rabusic
Very sad!!
621Kim Paul
Government needs to help this family!
622Jo-Ann Hughes
sickness can effect us all.Its time to tell our govenment how WE want things to be.Rise up Canada
623Karen Guider
Wow, I can not understand how this is even an issue,...give her the money and let her children have the benefit of someone who loves and cares about them.
624Steve Wikkerink
This family should not be ripped appart over support issues. There are so many people that get government support every month that shouldn't.
625lorne penill
Its time for this goverment to be gone. its time us Candains wake up take back OUR goverment, it sickens me that a lady whom didnt ask for this dease, and nOW they want her to give up her kids im lost for words at least ones i can put on here.
This saddens me, and I wish the Government would really think twice about this. Those poor children, and mother.
This disgusts me !!!! How dare the government tell her to give up her children because she's sick now and can't take care of them yet there are so many parents that abuse their children and don't want them!!! Plz let's stand up for this beautiful woman !
628Erica Tosczak
This breaks my heart....
629Lolita Ladouceur
630Don Robertson
I hope this helps
632Luanne Anderson
What a disgrace this province has come too, to allow something so disgusting to happen! Yet, they allow kids back to abusive parents instead of helping them! They should be so ashamed!
634Darlene West
635Darlene West
Keep this family Togther !!
636Penny Gauder
637Sheena Johnson
This is a horrific situation that should scare the pants off all Albertains. If our Government has this kind of control over our families we have a lot to be concerned about. Its about right & wrong, and this is wrong.
638Fern Friedrich
639Michelle Mitchell
641Abby Bruan
642Roberta Howey
643Erica Thompson
644Kristin Skiba
Please do something to help her!!!! She needs to have her children with her.
645Jody dagg
646Pema McLean
647Erika Berthiaume
648Tara lalonde
The child services system needs a reality check!!!! They are no longer trying to help children who need the help but are bullying people who would like help but are to afraid to ask for fear of losing thier children!!!CPS a discrase in Canada!!!
649Brett Darbyshire
That would be absolutely horrible.
650Nadine Wagner
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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