251Nanette Whaling
252Michelle O'Connor
This is despicable to think that when someone is sick and they seek out assitance from our govt to help them with their children the govt tries to rip the family apart.
253Bobbie-Jo forester
I hate that they are not offering this ladie help just help her get a nanny
254brandi dmytryshyn
my doctor suspects I have ms... I am 22 years old and mother of 2 children I could not imagine this!
257Erin Scott
if you want the best interest of the children,then staying at home with a loving parent is the way to go. ThE money spent on MLA's not attending committees would do nicely
259Steve Robinson
260Tanya Fayant
261Brenda Boswell
The mental health costs to the government for future care for these two young girls stemming from separation from their loving mother will far outweigh the costs of funding a nanny. Use the 1000/month from MLA's not attending bogus committee meetings.
Let her keep her children!!!
263Sandra Paluc
265Shirley MacLean
Kepp the kids with their Mother !!
266Frank Boogmans
267teri fitz
can not believe this is going on, keep the children with the mother
268cusson claude
269Jackie Hunt
I wanna see our tax dollars put to something USEFUL. These girls need an inhome nanny to keep both mom and girls strong. Its absurd to heard they would rather take the girls then help.I'm OUTRAGED
I thought the MS Society was there to help. Lets get help for the family & keep them together
271Holly Matson
272jessica gearing
i dont beleve any child should be taken from there parents no matter how disabled they may be..
273Kristen Lane
274Denise Baillie
It would be far more cost effective and far less damaging to these children to pay for a nanny for these children for a few years until they are older. How damaging would it be to their self esteem to tear them away from a loving but disabled mother?
275Sandy Appell
276Jenna Prest
277Jaime Bowles
I am beyond heart broken that we live in a society where this is acceptable and only option. No one is thinking about the children. The only place these kids know as home is with their mom and someone is trying to take that away from them.
279Rosalie MacRae
Good luck with all your efforts - I'm sure Marie had no idea how many friends she has.
280Chantelle Grayston
This is shocking disturbing and so heart breaking! I do not think anyone can understand the pain and distress a parent goes through loosing a child to the system. It is quite simply inhumane to even suggest it appropriate for a loving parent who is ill!
281vivienne lemoine
This is an outrage!!Help this family.
282Caitlin Innes
Keep the family together! This is what should be standard!
283Christin Benoit
I have gone through this with my daughter and it almost caused me to end my life. Don't take her children, please!
284Linda s
I think for the best interest of the children they should be left with the mother and also it would be also worse for the effect of the mothers ms for them to be taken away because stess is very hard on a person with ms.
285Susan Kirkbright
Adoption is NOT an option.
286Jennifer Burkart
This is just wrong!!! You can not seperate this mother from her children!!!
287Karen MacLean
288Jaime Janot
289Allan O'Coin
290Lyubov and Steven
keep the children with their mother
291Jennifer MacKay
292Jody Selwood
This poor family has been through enough!! Don't split them up!
293Cassandra Bergesen
294Ashley N
This is heartbreaking. Alberta, get your act together and keep these children with their mother. Keep in mind WE are the voters and WE demand change.
295Bette McVicar
Plz keep this family together. Foster does not come close to being bought up by your real parents and especially if said mom does the best she can. MS is NOT!! a reason to take these children away rom her. God bless this mom and her kids. :)
296tala gauthier
Do the right thing!!!
297Erin Schneider
Keep the family together.
keep the children with their mother.
299Tim Wooldridge
It is so important for the person that is suffering to have thier family around them. It gives them so much more in life to fight for. To rip Maria's kids away from her will devistte her and will definitely not help the situation in any way.
300Beckie Stouffer
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Petition Details
Petition: Save Maria's children from being taken from her due to her having multiple sclerosis
Created By: Sandra Hunt
Created On: March 24th, 2012
Target: Premier of Alberta
Category: Health

Total signatures: 1281
Signature goal: 50,000

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